The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, October 29, 2007


The press should never become The Story. It's not their job to be involved in The Story. Here, we just couldn't help ourselves. It's so rare that you get a sneak-peak at the important work done by the City Council and it's employees. Luckily, thanks to "a friend" we can bring you an inside look, complete with primary sources, at the vital, people's work, done by one Council Ass. - from his City Hall computer.

Just click on the thumbnail photos for some fun.

What are these two crazy kids up to? Boring, boring, boring...

Huh? Nail someone? Without buying him dinner? Who are they talking about?

Hey, wait a minute!

Or maybe he got a generic picture from Yahoo Photos? Ya' think?

And moving on...

For those interested, we understand that Mr. Girardin is/was somehow connected with the RPI Little Republicans.

And let us never forget our favorite Vito quote from the days when he was a frequent visitor:

Here's one for you Democratus /Which potential Dem council candidate was very recently observed and photographed (Camera Phone) going into and leaving an hour later from one of Troy's finer Porno arcades without making a purchase? It's not the one where they have women dancing either.Think he was in there doing research? He looked pretty content when he came out. I'll pass one along to you in October when it's featured on some campaign literature. Vito 04.16.05 - 7:19 pm

Maybe it was a very expensive camera phone. Not one many people would own.

And you want to be our latex salesman!

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