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Thursday, October 11, 2007



Seth asks the Troy Polloi:

Hi - I am not a resident of Troy, so I can't vote for mayor. Why did you state in the PBA article that Elda is the Prohibition Party candidate? Just wondering.


Dear Seth:

We get asked that question all the time. Don't be embarrassed.

Our reference to the Prohibition Party was merely poking fun at the number of minor parties and their disproportional impact on elections and politics in Rensselaer County. It was not meant to be serious and we would warn you against trying this at home.

The Editors


New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli today announced his endorsement of Jim Conroy, candidate for Troy Mayor.

“ Troy needs Jim Conroy for Mayor,” DiNapoli said. “He has the vision to help grow the Troy economy, and that growth will provide opportunities for lower taxes and more fiscally responsible government. Jim Conroy will build a government that is more transparent, more open and more responsive to the needs of all of Troy ’s citizens. I can’t wait to work with Jim Conroy to build a better Troy .”

“Tom DiNapoli and I are going to fight to fix the things that have gone wrong in Troy over the last four years. We’re going to bring government back to the people … all of the people, not just a few cronies. We’re going to bring back professionalism and, most importantly, we’re going to put our plans into action, not just the newspapers.”

Mayor Tutunjian congratulated Conroy with a big, "'That a boy, Jim. Congratulations." He also sent an envoy to the announcement.


Brown has already raised an impressive $17,000 for his city-wide race. Equally impressive is newcomer Ken Zalewski, the Democratic candidate in District 5. Zalewski has raised over $21,000.


With less than a month to go, no debate has been scheduled in the race for Troy Mayor. We don't know why a debate hasn't been scheduled. Are there no longer groups in Troy that will sponsor debates?

There's no substitute in a Democracy for a vigorous debate between political opponents. No other forum allows candidates to pander directly to an audience stacked with supporters by answering pre-selected questions. The health of our democracy depends upon it.

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