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Wednesday, October 03, 2007



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We know it's an election year. We know there's only a few weeks left. Comments that attack a persons lifestyle, height, weight, who they live with, alleged criminal background from 20 years ago or what their children, grandparents or uncles and aunts* may have done will not be published.**

For instance, we happen to know that one of the GOP-endorsed candidates for City Council has a sister that used to be a thespian. Another Council candidate is a Level II pedestrian. You won't hear it here, though.


On Monday, October 1, Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian announced an end to his annual tax hikes. There will be no tax hikes next year! It only took an election year, eliminating the health benefits of 123 old people and more State welfare.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.


At-Large Candidate Wayne Foy (D) held a press conference yesterday.

After Troy Democratic City Council candidate Wayne Foy called a press conference Tuesday to highlight the hazards of a city-owned property, mayor Harry Tutunjian promised to tear the building down. Foy said the property at 229 Fourth Street posed a threat to public safety due to its deteriorated state. Jeff Buell, a spokesperson at the mayor's office, told CBS 6 that the city will deconstruct the building in the next four to six weeks, but will attempt to maintain the historic facade. City officials are planning to work with area residents on what to do next with the space, Buell said. Proposed plans for the site so far include a community garden or a community home. Buell said the project should be completed by next fall.

Nothing quite like making the Mayor your B***H.


Harry's got a great war chest for the remainder of the campaign. Conroy has about one-third of that. No surprises there. What is disappointing is Elda. No filing as of yet. Also, WFP Mayoral candidate Chris Consuello has not even formed a campaign committee. Odd, given his assurances that his is a legitimate campaign. Maybe he knows someone who can help him set up a campaign committee.

As mentioned in Monday's Talespin, Chris may not need his DPW job for long. The WFP is helping him find another job, a Mirch-free job. If you want to help, here's the site.

* Unless the Aunt is really hot

** Hair is still fair game

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