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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Democratic County Chair, Tom Wade, may be in hot water.

According to The Record (June 26, p. 5), a former Board of Election employee has alleged that Wade assessed political employees a percentage of their pay as a campaign contribution or face a dreaded trip to the private sector.

Dick Weaver, a former Bd. of Elections employee says that Wade tithed employees 2% of their salaries (not bad, as tithes go). According to The Record, Wade fired Weaver thirteen years ago. Former Sand Lake Democratic Chair Archie Robinson was told he had to donate $325, claiming only those who supported former Chair Lynne Mahoney were assessed.*

Weaver has called for the District Attorney to investigate the matter.

If proved, Wade's actions could violate the Hobbs Act (the Hobbs Act is a law, the violation of which sounds really bad.)


Interesting stuff but just a few observations:

1) Weaver is now a Conservative. What did Conservative Bob Mirch say when Colleen Regan accused him of using city resources and county employees for political purposes? He called her a 'disgruntled former employee.'

2) Mirch has been doing his best to get the heat off the scandal-ridden GOP. He's thrown a lot of garbage hoping it will stick. Is anyone really surprised it was an enrolled Conservative who alleges misbehavior?

3) Such allegations are difficult to prove because it's a 'He said - He said' dispute. Right now it's a Mirchy saying one thing and Wade saying another.

4) Like we said, proof may be difficult. Now, if something was in writing? That would be different. If a County Chair sent a letter out telling people they were expected to contribute a specific amount....for a fundraiser or whatever....well, that would be unlikely. That type of thing is never reduced to writing. Still, such proof would be hard to deny.

We will give Mr. Wade the same consideration we gave Mr. Crist and the sexual harassment accusations. We'll let it all play out before any judgments are made.

Unless, of course, someone unearths something in writing.

*Mahoney and Wade had been Co-County Chairs until Mahoney lost her chair in a Duck-Duck Goose run-off election.

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