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Monday, June 04, 2007


After recently issuing a ticket to a Troy man for graffiti, the City of Troy discovered has some of it's own.

TROY - The city said it will paint over graffiti that is sprayed all over the second deck of the parking garage at City Hall this morning.But the city is not writing itself a ticket as officials did when graffiti was spotted on a city home."The difference is now I am aware of it," said Department of Public Works Commissioner Bob Mirch of a recent code violation the city handed out for the graffiti on the home. - The Record May 28, 2007

A few weeks ago Jim de Seve was issued a ticket for graffiti. The ticket came just days after de Seve called for the resignation of three administration officials for their alleged role in Intimigate. de Seve's ticket failed to specify what, if any, code provision was violated. A second ticket was sent to de Seve which, once again failed to identify a specific provision. Here's our original story.

Due Process necessitates that someone charged with a crime or violation be given the opportunity to be heard and be informed of the actual charge. The Administration has yet to do that for Mr. de Seve. Additionally, there are two stories as to how the graffiti on de Seve's property was discovered. DPW Commissioner Mirch says the graffiti was discovered on a routine patrol. A Code Enforcement official says the tip came via an anonymous phone call. Administration officials will meet next week to decide which story they want to go with. Or, perhaps they'll come up with a third story.

As for the graffiti at City Hall:

It could not be determined what the graffiti actually means. There are crowns that have the acronym B.T.M. painted on it. B.T.M. presumably stands for Block Town Moffiea, which is also spray painted on the walls of the parking deck.

Our Gang Expert has discovered that B.T.M. actually stands for Bob T(hree Job) Mirch. Mirch allegedly leads the most influential, middle-aged, white, Anglo-Saxon gang in Troy, known for warring over political party turf and trafficking in pension plans.

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