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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We received an e-mail yesterday, sending us a link to a new blog. We're pleased to announce another North Greenbush blog: Vincit Omnia Vertias - Truth Conquers All.

It's always fun to hear another voice in the world of North Greenbush politics. This particular blog has an anti-Ashley/Smith aroma, with a hint of Reformed Democrats. It should prove an interesting counterpoint to the Pipeline, whose author remained anonymous for approximately seven seconds. We wish them well and hope people visit to get another side of the drama that continues to unfold in North Greenbush.

As an aside, the title of this blog does raise questions. Everyone who blogs makes spelling errors from time to time. We're certainly no exception. Still, a blog title is a different beast. You kind of want to get that right. It's your handle after all and something catchy and original is always in demand.

Truth Conquers All, is a damn good title. Except....Someone forgot their Wheelock's.

That's not the title of this new blog: Not the Latin title. Vincit is, of course, 'conquers'. Omnia is 'all'. 'Vertias' is....not a Latin word. The closest it comes to Latin is it's stem, 'verto', or 'To Flee.' So, we guess the Latin title is something along the lines of, "To Flee Conquers All." Hope that isn't a Freudian slip.

That's the whole veritas and nothing but the veritas.

They may want to look into that. Otherwise, go and enjoy their North Greenbush musings.

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