The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, July 22, 2005


First, Democratus is off next week to his house on the beautiful New England coast. Isn't that what the liberal elite do? But fear not. We will have some posts. Also, for those one or two blackhearted knaves, this isn't an invitation to leave comments defaming people. My trusted associate will be monitoring the comments. Behave and have a great week.

Now, on to business.

Politicians and would-be politicians speak for a living. Anyone who speaks, or writes, for a living will end up saying some strange or stupid things. It's a professional hazard. It's also understandable.

Michael LoPorto is an At-Large candidate for Troy City Council. Maybe. Recently, it has come to light that LoPorto may have a residency issue. I apologize to the writer (Franco?) of the article because we like to cite the source. I set the article aside and now, alas, it is lost.

We like Michael LoPorto. Out of all the candidates running this year we would choose him above all others to prepare any of our dinners. He's an immigrant who made good and in many ways is the American Dream. We hope he wins. He'd add a dash of entrepreneurial vigor to the council.

However, although a newcomer to the game, he did make one statement that has to be considered a classic. When questioned about where he resides, Mr. LoPorto stated (we paraphrase) "I winter in Troy and summer in Brunswick."

That, is too funny. I guess if you spend time in Green Island and cross over to Center Island once or twice you "summer on the Islands."

We hate to pick on a Democrat with an uphill fight but it was too precious to pass up.

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