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Saturday, July 16, 2005


Troy City Councilperson Karen Messick has missed the last two City Council meetings. If Ms. Messick misses the next meeting, her seat can be declared vacant. Lets put politics aside for a moment and make sure Ms. Messick is safe.

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Please call us and let us know you're fine, Ms. Messick. If you do find Ms. Messick, please return her to Troy City Hall. The postage has been pre-paid.

What happens if her seat is declared vacant? Technically, the City Council can fill the vacancy. That's according to the City Charter. However, we know that the Charter is rarely, if ever, followed. Instead, the Mayor will choose a replacement. Some speculate that they will fill the vacancy with Henry Bauer, an At-Large candidate. The question is, will Bauer spend the next six months at a city council pay rate ($15,000) or at his current Assistant Corporation Council pay rate ($30,000)?

For Democrats, it is probably better that Bauer fill the vacancy. Bauer will probably win his race so who really cares if he starts six months early. On the other hand, they could elevate someone else, a relative unknown, who is already running for a district seat. Place that person on the council for six months and give him some exposure for a few months before the election.

In the end, it doesn't matter much. The Democrats now head into an election with no clear party leader. They do not even have a City Chair. Democratus has offered the use of the Troy Polloi as a forum for the Democratic candidates and I have not received one response. Republican candidates are also welcome to submit an entry but they hardly need the exposure. The Troy Polloi receives 100+ visitors a day (Monday-Friday) and 50+ on the weekends. That's visitors, not just multiple hits by the same person. It's not huge, but it's something. You can get your message out to some people. Take advantage of it.

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