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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Summer is now in full swing and the political front is quiet. Posts here may slow down a bit, for awhile. Instead of three days a week, we may post only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It all depends on the news and what my parole officer says.

However, we have something special for all of our loyal readers. The Troy Polloi has added a guest poster to our staff. The former City Chair of the Troy Democratic party will be posting from time to time. This addition to our staff has not been without some headaches. Now we have to deal with pension plans, healthcare and a unionized workplace.

Anyway, without further ado, Mr. Robert Gregor.

Before, during and after my tenure as chair, I thought long and hard about how to bring the local Democrats into recovery. One morning, it dawned on me. “What about a 12 step program?” I know it may sound idiotic at first glance, but the 12 step process has worked for countless individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction, why not for a local party suffering from its own afflictions? So, here it is. Each week, I will cover an additional step. Take it for what it is worth, use what you want, and criticize what you like. Before I begin with Step One, I would like to thank Democratus (no, I still don’t know who he/she really is) for allowing me the opportunity for these guest postings.


Rob Gregor

Step 1: Admit That We Have A Problem

One of the biggest problems with the local Democrats is that we cannot admit there is something wrong. I can’t begin to count the number of times that I was told “not to worry” or “we’re working on it” when issues such as County Executive candidates, minor party lines, and fundraising were brought-up. This was complete and utter insanity. Before we can right the ship, we need to admit that there is something wrong.

Empirically, the numbers are there, back to back 7-2 GOP councils, a GOP Mayor in Troy, County Executive, and County Legislature. Despite these numbers, however, there remain a number of party faithful, who, like an ostrich, choose to bury their heads into the sand, insisting that there is no problem. To those individuals, WAKE-UP, the kids aren’t okay!!!!

Before we, as a party can reach step two (stay tuned), we need to collectively admit that a problem exists. There is, however, a word of caution I would like to add to this posting. Admitting we have a problem, does not and MUST NOT involve pointing fingers. Don’t begin blaming past leaders, candidates, and officials. Pointing fingers only creates more bad blood, and hinders the recovery process. Until we can surpass this threshold, and realize that the glory years are over, and will only return through hard work as a collective unit, nothing good can materialize.

-----Rob Gregor

Democratus will drink to that!

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