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Friday, July 08, 2005


With the addition of another County Court Judgeship the world of Rensselaer County politics is rife with speculation. Was this seat created for Trish DeAngelis? Jack Casey? Ken Bruno?

The idea of a Judge DeAngelis should send shivers down the spine of everyone, accused and innocent alike. Her office has shown a disregard for Judge McGrath's instructions time and time again. This lack of respect does not bode well for her as a judge. Why should others respect her when she has been so disrespectful of others on the bench. DeAngelis in robes would be a bigger joke than DeAngelis as District Attorney. However, Rensselaer County is known for its political jokes so what's one more.

As for Casey being District Attorney (an idea floated by Talespin, by the way guys, it's Andrew Ceresia, not Anthony Ceresia, do they misspell the names of their Republican masters at the Record?) that would be a fine example of the Peter Principle.

Let us not forget Mary Beth Anslow. She retained Casey after her conviction for Endangering the Welfare of a Minor.* Her original attorney was Steve Coffey. Retaining Casey after Coffey is a bit like being traded from the Yankees to the Marlins. The Marlins are a professional baseball team but hey, they're not the Yankees. Casey is a decent attorney, but for a criminal appeal, why abandon Coffey?

And why choose Casey? There are better known defense attorney's out there, E. Stewart Jones and Terry Kindlon just to name a few. Was Casey chosen, just maybe, because of his position as Rensselaer County Chair? Just maybe? Make connections!

Here is another issue to slam the County Republicans. They supported the early release of Anslow. Tough on crime?

We're not saying that Casey asked them to release Anslow. Casey's not an idiot and we know that's not how these things work anymore. Casey taking on Anslow as a client was message enough.

We hope both parties select candidates that will serve justice well. With the Republicans, we don't hold our breath.

* A special prosecutor was necessary because some ADA's used Anslow's illgeal day care services. Remind us to tell you why the DA's office wasn't invited back to a certain charity golf event. That's another good story.

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