The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, June 10, 2005


We here at the Troy Polloi want to acknowledge that Troy is capable of producing outstanding public servants. One such person is Appellate Justice Ed Spain. Judge Spain is running for re-election to the Supreme Court (apparently Appellate Division judge's must also be Supreme Court judges so they must run for re-election even though they are appointed to the appellate court).

Justice Edward O. Spain was designated a Justice of the Third Department effective December 30, 1994. He began his legal career in private practice in 1966 with his father in Troy. In 1967, he served as an Assistant District Attorney for Rensselaer County until he was called to active duty in the United States Navy, Judge Advocate General corps; he was honorably discharged in 1972 with the rank of lieutenant. Justice Spain returned to private practice and served as Deputy Corporation Counsel for the City of Troy for two years.

In 1977, Justice Spain served as Deputy Chief Clerk of Rensselaer County Surrogate's Court and was elected to Troy Police Court, where he served until he was elected to the Rensselaer County Family Court in 1985. He was elected to the Supreme Court in 1991 and, in January 1994, he was appointed Administrative Judge for the Third Judicial District. Justice Spain is a graduate of LaSalle Institute in Troy, Boston College and Albany Law School. (From the Appellate Court Website).

We're sure many of you have had the pleasure to know Judge Spain and his family. Edward Spain is a decent, honorable, thoughtful man and a dedicated public servant. He does his city proud. If every public servant was like Judge Spain, the citizens would truly get what they deserve. He's a class act and a cut above.

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