The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, June 06, 2005


James Franco's article in Thursday's Record is worthy of a read. The GOP has decided to dust off Troy's political dinosaur, William Pascarell, and give him a shot at offing Dunne in the 4th District.

The selection of Pascrell shows just how desperate the Republicans are to get rid of the Council's lone Democrat. Pascarell has little chance to beat Dunne.

However, that's not the interesting thing about Franco's piece. The more disturbing part of the story are the intimations that some Democrats are worried about Dunne on the ticket. That they may in fact, try to derail his nomination.

For the record, we don't know what Dunne did or did not do. No one knows. He wasn't charged with anything at the Dormitory Authority. He left to take a higher paying job. We've seen the notorious e-mail on the news. Our response: Oh my! Frankly, we don't see the big deal.

As far as we know, Dunne has never lied on a matter of public or private concern. There are no allegations that he threatened anyone with a gun, had an extra-marital affair, was pulled over for DWI, was packed off to rehab, surfed porn at City Hall, lied about saving the city $60,000, mishandled Federal money.....

***Those are real issues. Did the Record even mention the Bruno allegations? No! The former top law enforcement official in Rensselaer County may have intimidated his wife with a gun and enagaged in an extra-marital affair... but that isn't news.*** (see retraction below).

Renssealer County mishandled Federal funding to such an extent that it was take out of the Weed n' Seed loop. News? Barely.

The Republicans nominate a man that deprived accused individuals of their rights. News? Only the fact that he'll likely win.

DeAngelis' convictions get flipped more than Paris Hilton. News? Nah.

Mayor Tutunjian has yet to explain just how he saved $60,000 by switching insurance brokers. News? Hardly. We'd rather focus on private correspondance bewteen consenting adults.

And the Democratic Party: more flaccid than pre-Viagra Bob Dole. The party organization, if it can be called an organization, has never stepped up to the plate. They are so worried about what the Republicans will do that they've yet to formulate any plan or give people any reason to vote for them. Dunne, whatever he did or didn't do, is the least of their worries. The Democrats must make the Republicans worry about what they, the Democrats, might do.

Franco's article hints that Dunne may not receive the Democratic nomination. That is so Democratic Party. Try and oust the only elected Democrat in the City of Troy (Mahoney is a registered conservative and Maier is a blank) when your party is at its lowest ebb. With Democrats like that, the Republicans don't even have to do their own dirty work.

Tom Wade has been an outspoken advocate for Dunne and clearly sees such infighting as counter-productive. Wade is shrewd, but it doesn't take a genuis to realize that Dunne may be the only Democrat on the ticket that wins.

Unless, this is part of a takeover. LaPosta is close to Dworsky and Dworsky to Mirch (if anyone can be said to be close to that creature). Is one faction of the party trying to wipe the slate clean for a full takeover? And exactly who would take over. Rumor has it that Lynn Mahoney has hinted at a run for mayor (we're waiting for the laughter to die down). Mahoney, despite some positives, would be buried. Does Dworsky want back in the mix? Haven't we been down that road before?

This all points-up an inherent weakness in the Democratic Party on all levels: they're wimpy. No, not as people. The list of Democratic combat veterans belies any suggesting that they lack personal courage (in marked contrast to Chicken-Hawk Republicans). They are wimpy in dealing with adversaries. Instead of attacking rumor mongers, they add fuel to the fire. Look and see how the Republicans gathered around to support Bauer. True, many ignorant Trojans don't see what Bauer did as wrong, but it never hurts to play to the lowest common denominator.

For God Sake's, go on the offense. If they try and slander one of your candidates, hit back. Slander one of theirs. That's what they know. Call Harry a liar unless he can explain how he saved the City $60,000. That's a lie about an actual issue of public concern. Question Mitchell's raise, DeAngelis' record and the low morale at the DA's office. Do something! Do more than behind the scenes, intra-party machinations. If you don't, you'll never win and you don't deserve to win.

***Mr. Franco has pointed out that he did run an article on the Bruno allegations. We acknowledge the error but still think its news. Thirteen more mistakes and we'll be as bad as the New York Times.***

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