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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Unlike a good Petrus or Pomeral, our Rensselaer County District Attorney has not matured well. As a young prosecutor in 1997, under then DA Ken Bruno, DeAngelis handled People v. Gorghan. The result in this case has ultimately become a pattern for DeAngelis as she heads into her twilight years. A reversal from the Appellate Division for the prosecutor's conduct.

DeAngelis graduated from law school in 1994. She was only three years out at the time. Young prosecutors can be overzealous and can make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes.

We contacted our legal department to see if she (our legal department) could do some research. Legal got back to us within a few hours. Her research was not exhaustive and we don't vouch that it's 100% accurate. Feel free to follow-up if you know of any cases reversed due to prosecutorial misconduct under any district attorney.

Between 1985 and 2005 (June), Rensselaer County has had five District Attorneys: James Canfield, Lou Catone, Mary Donohue, Ken Bruno and Patricia DeAngelis. During that same time period, four convictions have been overturned for, at least in part, prosecutorial misconduct.

One incident occurred under Mary Donohue. The remainder all involved Trish DeAngelis, either as the prosecuting attorney (Gorghan) or under her leadership.*

So, in the past twenty years, DeAngelis is involved in 75% of conviction reversals due to prosecutorial misconduct. Why didn't the other DA's have this problem?

Here's our very first Troy Polloi pie chart:

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That's a lot of pie.

Rensselaer County deserves a district attorney that wants to fight crime and not showboat in the courtroom.

*People v Gorghan, People v Allen and People v Levandowski

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