The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Thursday, June 16, 2005


The news in Troy is a funny thing. Some days....nothing. Then, there's a lot of stories.


Lets take a quick look at the Democratic lineup (since you'll probably never see their names in print in the local paper between now and the election).

District 1 - Dan Doran;

District 2 - Flora Carr;

District 3 - Peter Ryan;

District 4 - Bill Dunne;

District 5 - Frank Lamiano;

District 6 - James Hockler;


Michael LoPorto, Clem Campana, Robert Martiniano

We'll talk about the Democratic slate more as the silly season gets underway. For now, we wish them luck and invite them to introduce themselves or even guest post on The Troy Polloi.


The proposed hotel, to be erected on the site of the historic Troy City Hall, has us more excited than Michael Jackson in a room full of kindergarteners. We love the idea because, frankly, Troy is in desperate need of more hotel space. The city has had to turn away too many conventions and other special events due to a hotel room shortage.

In all seriousness, we like the idea of destroying City Hall and the parking lot, in order to put something of value on prime, waterfront property. However, we also fear for Uncle Joe's sanity. We generally like Joe. It's never a bad thing when your state senator is the Senate Majority Leader. Still, private enterprises, such as the Best Western and Franklin Plaza, shouldn't be forced to compete against taxpayer dollars.

Secondly, is there a shortage of hotel space in Troy? Is Troy a destination for any large group of tourists? We think not. It's putting the cart before the horse.

We do applaud the idea as well as the architect's vision of what the hotel would look like.

Image hosted by
The Troy Jo-Ho Plaza


Well, it's true. We were hoping it wasn't, but it is. Jack Mahoney will not be on the ballot this year. Jack is a class act, a true gentleman and he brought a certain dignity to our public life. We cannot recall Jack ever attacking someone or acting petty or childish. Good luck with the restaurant. We hope to see you there soon.


Speaking of Uncle Joe, he must have been putting the screws to The Record. DA Trish D'Angelis appeared in just over eighteen stories this past week. All of them positive. Just how many resignations have there been from her office? We'll never know. We do know that there has been quite a few. Some have even resigned before having a new job in place. That's some leadership.

It would be nice if someone did a full length story, maybe....oh....we don't know....comparing the current DA's reversal rate (based on prosecutorial misconduct) to Bruno, Donohue and Canfield. Oh, hell, we guess we'll have to do it. Hey, just think, maybe her reversal rate is better.

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