The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, June 20, 2005


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By John Houseman

Due to recent tensions between Troy Polloi management and Huggybear, Mr. John Houseman will temporarily write for Word on the Street. As for Huggybear's allegations, we expect to be fully vindicated.

Two of our own, soon-to-be-former City Councilwoman Karen Messick and her fiance, Peter LaRocca are bidding farewell to Troy's tawny Washington Park neighborhood and heading for the sand, surf and rum of the .....Dominican Republic?

First, it was Scat Sweeney and Hot Lips Barton cutting it up in Rio; then Fielding Melish leading the rebel cause in San Marco; followed soon after by Dr. Sheldon Kornpett and his future in-law, Vince Ricardo saving our country.

While we wish them all the best in their ex-patriotism, it is curious that those so committed to Troy and its future would flee to foreign shores. After all, they renovated (albeit illegally) two buildings on Washington Park and ran the apparently successful Historic Home Supply on River Street, not to mention renovating the old Up To Date on Third Street, opening it as an upscale furniture boutique.

Troy Polloi scooped the local members of the Fourth Estate when they informed you that Ms. Messick would not be seeking re-election this coming fall, speculating she had had a falling out with members of Troy's Republican cabal. Several reports reached the Polloi detailing verbal* confrontations between Ms. Messick and Deputy Mayor Dan Crawley. Hey Dude Dan** has developed quite a reputation for verbosity, (see the Monday, May 16, 2005 post for more) criticizing those courageous enough to actually run for office. Coupled with the adverse publicity she received for her building code escapades, we can understand her desire tabandonon politics. Ms. Messick did have one notable success. The extension of downtown Troy's historic district. Regrettably, the Tutunjian appointed and preservation- challenged Planning Board has rendered that piece of legislation virtually null and void.***

While we certainly understand Ms. Messick's decision to avoid the limelight by not seeking re-election, abandoning her holdings and fleeing the country seems a curious move and opens the door to all kinds of speculation. Thus, we speculate.

First , is their real destination the Dominican Republic? Perhaps not. Perhaps Code Enforcement is hot on their trail and they are headed to a country without an extradition treaty, perhaps Algeria, which is lovely this time of year. Regardless, this apparent cut and run strikes Mr. Houseman as odd given the degree they had invested in Troy.

Adieu, and Bon Voyage.

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* Verbal only in the sense that it emanates from an orifice.

** Troy's business leaders have bestowed the epithet "Hey Dude" upon Deputy Dan after he greeted a highly respected member of that community with those words at their first meeting. "Hey Dude" replaced Mr. Crawley's former nickname, "Sweatpants Dan".

*** That's right. Not just null, but also void.

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