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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The signs were there to be read but this is still huge statewide political news let alone big countywide news. Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Brunswick) will not run for re-election.

For weeks, Bruno aids have been resigning to secure other employment, leading many to speculate Bruno would not run. Then, there's the impending GOP loss of the Senate Majority.

Here's The Record article and the Times Union article.

The practical implications are enormous for both Rensselaer County and the local Republican Party. We explored some of those implications back in April. More fun is the fact that with the departure of the County's 800 lbs. GOP gorilla, the party will be in the hands of some 100lbs. monkeys.

This will dominate the news for a few days so our regularly scheduled programming is on hold as we follow the developments.

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