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Monday, April 28, 2008


The new blog, The Albany Amp, is rumored to be authored by a Senate Majority insider. A quick read leads us to believe that rumor is accurate. If it is authored by a Republican, why the shots at Senator Bruno?

Despite protestations to the contrary, there's obviously interest among Senate Republicans in dethroning Senator Bruno. How could there not be, given his age and the condition of the Republican Party.

Bruno's potential ouster, either by his own conference or by loss of his Senate Majority, will have consequences, both economic and political.

Today, we'll focus on one very practical consequence: political dollars.

Every campaign season local papers are very good at telling us what campaigns raise and spend. They look at the Board of Elections filings and tell us that Candidate A raised $45,000 and spent $33,000.

What they don't tell us is how much money is spent by State Committees on behalf of local candidates. These are expenditures that do not show-up on individual candidate filings.

Here's a random sampling of what Senator Bruno means to local GOP candidates in terms of campaign cash:

It's no small contribution to the local party to pay for a mailer or pick-up some other hefty campaign expense. It's also saves time for the local candidates and their people to go door-to-door. The State Party also subsidizes the County party to the tune of $5,000 a month.

When Senator Bruno is no longer around, this money source dries up.

*We have no idea who William Steinhaus is.

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