The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, April 07, 2008


While clearling rubble from the basement of City Hall, workers discovered the city's Ethics Board.

Once thought to be a myth, like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, the Ethics Board was dusted-off and escorted back into the daylight. All four members were immediately air-lifted to a medical facility for examination.

Current ethics board members include Gerald Degnan, Francis Kramer, Agnes Zink and Rev. Eric Shaw, all of whom were appointed by Mayor Harry Tutunjian in either 2007 or 2008 and will serve until December 2010.

So, who is the fifth member of the Ethics Board?

§ 43-14. Ethics Board established.

The Board of Ethics for the City of Troy which shall consist of five members is hereby established.
§ 43-15. Qualifications of members of Ethics Board.

A. No Ethics Board member shall hold office in a political party or be employed or act as a lobbyist or hold elective office in the City.

B. No more than one member of an Ethics Board may be an appointed officer or employee of the City. Of the total membership of the Ethics Board, no more than the majority minus one shall be registered in the same political party.

C. Ethics Board members must be residents of the City of Troy throughout their tenure as Board members, provided however that a member appointed because he or she is an officer or employee of the City shall not be subject to this requirement.

Section C is a favorite of ours. So, who will check on the political affiliation of the Board? Who is the fifth member? Please, let it be Mirch.

Do these people have to be confirmed by the City Council?

As usual, when it comes to ethics, Tutunjian is playing catch-up. This move has to be in response to the Council's Whistle Blower legislation. Under the proposed legislation, a city employees will be protected from Administration retaliation when the employee registers a complaint about unethical behavior.

State grant money will be used to purchase the whistles.

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