The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008




Democratic congressional candidate Phil Steck has added a video component to his website,, called “Real People for Steck.” The testimonials are offered by real people who know Phil from his work as a civil rights and labor attorney, as a County Legislator , or as Democratic Chairman in the Town of Colonie .

“I am not surrounded by an army of lobbyists, and my campaign is rooted in the community,” said Steck. “I am running for Congress with the support of people at the grassroots level, and I have a 20 year commitment to community-based politics. The strides we have made in the Town of Colonie are one clear example of the work I have been doing. We ended 112 years of one party rule against all odds and Town Hall is now an open house.”


Within only three weeks of announcing his campaign to Renew America ’s Promise, Darius Shahinfar raised impressive fundraising numbers for his congressional campaign. He enters the second fundraising quarter with $82,000 cash-on-hand. In the last week of March alone, over $25,000 came in from grassroots supporters.

“Even though we just began our campaign, I am excited that we’ve hit the ground running and I’m gratified for the grassroots support we are receiving,” said Shahinfar. “I’m running to bring much-needed change to Washington and to make life better for my neighbors here in the Capital Region. I will work hard to Renew America ’s Promise - to our children and seniors, to our taxpayers and working families, to our soldiers serving abroad and veterans here at home. I’ll fight to bring our troops home from Iraq and to create 21st century jobs here in the 21st Congressional District.”


Bobbleheads are in the news.

They even got a quote from Three Job Bob:

"I'll have his bobblehead on my trophy case for the rest of my life," Mirch said.

It will no doubt sit between the dried-up husk of the First Amendment and the Tutunjian knee-pads.

Does anyone think that Tutunjian looks like Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy? Or Jennings like former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder?


Found via the North Greenbush Pipeline: A new blog that looks like it comes from a real insider. We wish the posts were a bit longer.

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