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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


A quick break from the Rensselaer Water debate.

An interesting proposal was raised at Tuesday night's Law Committee meeting by Councilman Wojcik (1st District). The proposal was this: If the City Council would rescind the ordinance that overrode Tutunjian's veto of the pay raises, the mayor would drop his lawsuit against the City Council.

No....we haven't been drinking. It's quite an offer.

First, if the City Council did rescind the override, there would be no basis for a lawsuit. So, it goes something like this: Do what we want and we won't do what we can no longer do because you did what we wanted you to do.

Second, what exactly is the deal? It goes something like this: We have an offer. You do what we want.

Why Wojcik, a Defendant in the lawsuit, wants to capitulate is not known. Wojcik also suggested that the GOP minority members of the Council should have their own legal counsel. Why this would be necessary is also not known. A councilman can support the pay hikes (Wojcik, McGrath, Bauer) and still respect the institutional prerogatives of the legislative branch of government.

That said, we think the GOP minority should have their own legal counsel. As long as the Tutunjian Administration and their allies are acting like a drunken governor at the Emperors Club, why not:

-Pay hikes = taxpayer $
-Lawsuit to protect pay hikes = taxpayer $$
-City to hire counsel because Corporation Counsel has conflict=taxpayer $$$
-Defendant Council to hire counsel because Corporation Counsel has conflict=taxpayer $$$$
-GOP Council members want representation=taxpayer $$$$$

May as well toss another stack of dead presidents on the burning wreckage that has become the Tutunjian Administration.

In other news:

Finally, that bank's regional headquarters is moving to town. No, not our town. To Albany. Still no word on the status of the 'you know what, you know where.'

Hoard all the bottled-water you can find. Isn't this one of the Biblical signs of Armageddon?

He said in a news release that he has been an advocate for the marginalized, and has participated in 15 New York City marathons, examples of his mental and physical strengths.

Mini-Dorm Veto

Mayor Harry Tutunjian has vetoed a year-long moratorium that would stop residential buildings from being cut up to create additional bedrooms.

The Thursday action was the second time Tutunjian, a Republican, has vetoed the legislation pushed forward by the City Council's Democratic majority as one of its initial legislative objectives.

Tutunjian said the legislation would harm homeowners who might need an additional bedroom for family members. He said the City Council should address the issue of buildings being subdivided into mini-dorms for students by rewriting the city zoning code to permanently outlaw them.

Councilman Ken Zalewski, the Democratic chairman of the City Council's Planning Committee, said he anticipates the council will override Tutunjian's veto when it meets on April 3.

Is there an additional bedroom epidemic in the city? With the population dropping, why so many new bedrooms?

This is the legislation that Tutunjian originally vetoed for being too vague, a subject of some familiarity to the Mayor. Councilman Zalewski then sat down with members of the Administration and the legislation was revised to specifically address the Mayor's concerns. Then, another veto.

We can only surmise that he enjoys appearing impotent. Or he like mini-dorms. We know we like saying mini-dorm. Try it. It's fun.

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