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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Following-up on the week's major story.

Did Bruno's abrupt departure strike anyone as a strange way to end 32 years (13 of them as Senate Majority Leader) public life?

The Times Union article notes:

The Brunswick Republican stunned allies and colleagues Monday, confirming he will not run for re-election after a 32-year Senate career.

Few people seemed to know of Bruno's intentions. "He called us in right before he told his members," said Edward Lurie, Bruno's former political director, referring to top staffers.

Bruno met for almost two hours with his Republican colleagues behind closed doors but declined to face about 50 reporters and television crews. An aide said Bruno would say more today.

The mood in the meeting, Morahan said, "was like a wake."

Bruno's departure from public life stands in sharp contrast to Congressman Mike McNulty who announced earlier this year that he would not seek reelection. At yesterday's press conference, Bruno did not look or act like a man that wanted to leave this job.

Bruno's abrupt departure is also out of character for the 79 year-old. Like him or not, Bruno is a fighter and it seems odd that he would abandon his post less than five months before a crucial election. The fact that the FBI probe continues lead many to speculate that there may be an announcement in the near future from that office.

In the meantime, it looks like Assemblyman Roy McDonald has the inside track to the Republican nomination. However, Rensselaer County's own Kathy Jimino has expressed an interest in the seat. Not mentioned for a Bruno replacement is Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian or County Legislator Neil Kelleher. Why Joe would not back a fellow-Rensselaer County Republican is not know. Ultimately, no matter who gets the nomination, the Senator representing our County will have little seniority.

Meanwhile, Nassau County Senator, Dean Skelos has been elected the new Majority Leader. Skelos, one of the GOP's Young Turks is 60 years old.

If you're interested in complete coverage you can find it at The Albany Project.

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