The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, June 09, 2006


By Political Ebonus Abyssus

Bobby Mirch is at it again. No, he does not have his fourth government-funded job – he is still at only three, as far as we know. Mirch is continuing to exert his political influence in Troy by attempting to control another political party in Troy, the Working Families Party.

To rehash history, prior to last year’s primaries, Mirch had Troy residents, who were not enrolled in any political party, enroll in the Working Families Party. Many of these individuals were city workers whose jobs were controlled by Mirch. Additionally, Mirch and friends told these same city workers to vote in the Working Families Party primary for the candidates that Mirch put up, rather than those that the party endorsed.

With no primaries in site this year in Troy, Mirch has taken a different tactic. Long-time city residents who were registered in the Republican or Conservative parties are now switching to the Working Families Party. Several reliable sources have indicated that the number is well over 100 and climbing. We could assume that these individuals have had epiphanies and decided that their conservative core values were not serving the needs of the people, but we know that is not the case.

Why is Mirch doing this? The Conservative Party is losing its numbers and influence. Mirch can only continue his influence in Troy politics if he has something to offer the major parties, in this case, minor party lines. We cannot assume, however, that this line will automatically go to the Republicans. With Spitzer heading to an almost certain victory and the Democrats in the state poised to take control of many parts of government, Mirch’s instinct for self-preservation and ability to prostitute himself may lead him to sell the line to the Democrats. Only time will tell.

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