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Thursday, June 22, 2006



So far, things in North Greenbush have gone about as smooth as the Lee Harvey Oswald prison transfer. Nonetheless, at least one part of the drama is over.

Former Town Attorney, Linda Mandel-Clemente has accepted an ACOD. If Ms. Mandel-Clemente refrains from holiday/weekend theft, the charges will be dropped in six months. We guess that whole 'ethics compelled me to steal' argument didn't really fly. We wish Ms. Mandel-Clemente all the best and good wishes on her rehabilitation. We're sure she can once again become a law-abiding citizen if she makes a real effort.

Speaking of North Greenbush, from Politicus Ebonus Abyssus:

During the last several weeks, The Record has run several articles on the supposed infighting in the Democratic Party in North Greenbush on who will control the town committee. While it might seem at face value as Democrats being Democrats and their usual tussles amongst themselves, there is much more to the story than what was reported.

While long-time Democrats are obviously listed for committee positions, behind the scenes are Bob Mirch, a member of the Conservative Party and a resident of Troy, and Tom Connolly, a member of the Independent Party. Connolly also has gotten his sister (the same one who “forgot” to sign her oath of office twice!) and mother involved. Other Democrats who have decided to sell their souls to side with Mirch and Connolly include John Harken, Lou Catrona, and Jim Germano.

Isn’t it bad enough that Evers, a registered Conservative, who the Democrats supported for Town Supervisor, is a plant for Mirch and Connolly, but now Mirch and Connolly are attempting to control the Democratic Party in North Greenbush.

Mirch’s and Connolly’s motives are transparent. With the Democrats poised to win statewide in the fall, the Conservative Party and the Independent Party will lose considerable influence if not their ballot positions. Efforts like this keep them as players in frontline politics, rather than the sideshow attractions that they really are. We thought we’d help them out with an idea for a marketing campaign:

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A concerned reader has requested our opinion on the School Board election. We apologize. We've been too busy with that trivial Carignan mess and have had little time to focus on the people's preferred candidate to screw up our school system.

Here's some background for those of you who suffer from insomnia.

We really don't know what there is to say. The machine broke. There should be a revote (if they debate will it be a rebate?). The loser of the revote will take the school board seat, cursed to spend a term wedged between parents and teachers. The winner will move on and enjoy life.

Is it just us or are school boards like the minor leagues? They're packed with older people with no political future or younger people hoping to get to the majors.

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