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Monday, June 05, 2006


By Politicus Ebonus Abyssus

The Spargo hiring has led to another suit against the City of Troy. Maybe we were wrong about the hiring of Spargo. The City obviously needs additional deputy corporation councils to help fend off all these suits against the City that are a result of poor management and capricious and arbitrary decision-making.

Be that as it may, the Mayor has not been accountable for the hiring to the taxpayers of Troy, who are paying Spargo's salary, or to Councilman Campana, who sent a letter to the Mayor weeks ago requesting information about the hiring of Spargo and who has not received any response. This lack of accountability cannot continue and cannot be tolerated.

If the Mayor had any sort of brains or balls, he would remove Spargo before the suit went too far. The bottom line is that there was little or no process used in hiring Spargo, and Spargo does not live in Rensselaer County, a clear violation of the Public Officers Law.

The city can ill afford to use precious tax dollars to pay salary for a political appointee and for damages from the suit due to bad politics and bad decision-making, while the City continues to need so many things. The Mayor also needs to stand up to the State Republican Party and let them know that the City will not become a dumping ground for every Republican in Pataki's administration looking to get in a few more years in for retirement.

As usual, Politicus Ebonus Abyssus cuts to the quick.

Another law suit resulting from ignoring the rules. The Mayor justifies himself referringing to Public Officers Law, but without citing any particular section (Record Reporter James Franco has written about this issue a number of times but we'll be damned if we can find the link to the stories). The Administration's interpretation of the Public Officers Law is hampered by the fact that it's difficult to read when your head is up your ass.

With Aretakis involved this is bound to be a circus. Grand entertainment for all.

It looks as if Spargo, at the very least, has to live in Rensselaer County. He doesn't. Case closed. But, we don't really care where he lives. We're not very supportive of the "city employees must live in the city" mentality. The real reason Spargo must go is because of the disgraceful way he left the Supreme Court bench. Why Tutunjian wishes to reward unethical behavior is a mystery.....unless....the city plans on shaking people down and they wanted a professional on staff with experience.

Speaking of living within the city.....


It looks like five police officers are violating the law. We're outraged by this gross flaunting of.....where were we?

Residency requirements never really did it for us. They're usually passed to keep the simple-minded peasants happy. We could care less where anyone lives as long as they're capable. Hell, look at the last mayoral race. We'd have gladly taken two out of town candidates over our home grown boys.

Still, it's the law. It was passed by the representatives of the people. Get it off the books or abide by it.

Another interesting Cop story which we alluded to earlier. It will be interesting to track the origin of the weapons involved. Were they purchased from someplace like Wal-Mart, where a record would be kept or are their origins a bit more mysterious?

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