The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Thursday, May 05, 2005


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By Huggybear

Word on the street is that the Republican powers that be are not happy with Marge DerGurahian, Troy City Council President. One reason might be her attitude towards the almost dead Business Improvement District, or B.I.D. Huggybear doesn't have an opinion on the B.I.D, but Senator Bruno is for it, as is Harry. Margie's political spine usually has the consistency of jello. Why the turn-around on the B.I.D? Could it have anything to do with local gadfly Ken Dufty? Dufty, who has an opinion on everything and feels compelled to express that opinion, is an outspoken critic of the B.I.D.

Word on the street is that the Republicans want to replace DerGurahian on this fall's ticket. But DerGurahian ran at-large and that's a big race to tackle. Incumbent Bob Armet will seek re-election but Messick is out. Whether Marge stays or goes, the Republicans will need at least one more candidate for the at-large ticket. Who could dat be?

Word on the street is that deposed Police Court Judge, Henry Bauer, has been told (that's right, told) that he will be running at-large.

Word on the street is that Councilman Jack Mahoney will be opening a new restaurant in the Old Daily Inn building. Huggybear wishes him luck and hopes he has every success.

Word on the street is that Harry "No-More-Consultants" Tutunjian didn't feel Corporation Counsel's Office was up to defending him and the City in the Carignan lawsuit. The City has retained Goldberger's firm (Goldberger is the labor lawyer retained to conduct labor negotiations on behalf of Troy). Mitchell gets paid $80,000 for what now?

More on Bauer and Carignan coming soon.

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