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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


With $3,100,000 in Community Development Block Grant money Mayor Tutunjian has decided that The Ark Community Charter School and the Lansingburgh Boys & Girls Club merit a total of $0.00.

The Ark previously received $30,000 (less than Jeff Buell's salary as Propaganda Minister) and the Lansingburgh Boys & Girls Club received $10,000. What is the ACCS?

The Ark Community Charter School is a natural development of the Ark, a highly successful after school educational program on-site at the Taylor Apartments, a federal housing project in south central Troy, New York. Because of the expressed needs of the community, the Ark expanded its program to include a school.

We applaud Mayor Harry's actions! It's about time these greedy, parasitic groups got off the public dole. We don't care if The Ark after school program has seen alumni graduate from RPI or Georgetown Law. These groups bleed the city dry.

How can we, as a people, justify money to these groups when Jeff Buell is in dire need of new clothes. How can David Mitchell survive on $80,000 a year. Or George Rogers on his $20,000 bump in pay?

Unfortunately, the City Council is child-friendly. And just what does the Council have to say about these plans and the children?

"Children are the most important asset in our community," Councilman Robert Armet added.

"We should support youth programs and make them flourish," Councilman Mark Wojcik said. "It's time to do all we can for the youth."

Time to step up to the plate, boys.

In unrelated news, Troy Mayor, Harry Tutunjian cancels Christmas.

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Mayor Harry, Canceling Christmas

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