The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, May 02, 2005



On Thursday night, April 28, the Troy City Council sought public input on its 5-Year Strategic Plan. The plan, required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, details where and how certain Federal funds should be spent in the upcoming five years.

How many citizens attended the public meeting? Two! Of the two, only one addressed the Council. More people showed for Ted Bundy's funeral than on Thursday night.

Granted, slicing up HUD funds isn't the sexiest topic. Also, the Apprentice was on, as well as President Bush. But people, you have VCR's. You can watch the Apprentice when you get home. As for the President, he was doing his snake-oil salesman bit about Social Security. You didn't miss anything. That's dead in the water and even lacks Republican support.

Once the Council does decide on how to spend the funds, watch 'Sound Off' (easily the best and most entertaining part of The Record) closely. How you'll howl, criticize and lambast how the funds are spent.

Apathy is one of the greatest dangers facing our democracy. Once the people become apathetic, the politicians cease to listen. They no longer have to listen. Once you stop caring our elected officials and apppointed officials operate with no checks. That's a sure road to bad, ineffective government. We've had too much of that in this state already.

It took twenty years of late budgets before any state reforms were even discussed. The State legislature failed in it's obligations for twenty years before enough groups voiced their anger. Truly a sign that our democracy is tired. When public input is invited, people should show-up.


Fred LeBrun had a scathing column about DA DeAngelis in Sunday's Time Union. We're forced to point out that Fred's a bit late. Remember, you read it here first. We admit that we did not realize the number of resignations was twelve. That's more than alarming, it's a crisis. It's time for Ms. DeAngelis to step down from her position as District Attorney now, while she can salvage a career.

As Fred points out, the Rensselaer County DA's Office is considered a joke by area attorneys. That's unacceptable. Please, Senator Bruno, put Ms. DeAngelis on the Court of Claims* where she will be rendered harmless. Unless, of course, you already have a seat on the Court of Claims waiting for a certain former Rensselaer County District Attorney.

* The New York State Court of Claims has jurisdiction in cases where New York State is a party. A seat on the Court of Claims is also, but not exclusively, a reward for politically connected attorneys that have a demonstrable record of ineptitiude.

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