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Sunday, May 08, 2005


In April, Councilman Art Judge introduced a resolution that would waive field-use fees for city youth groups using Troy parks and facilities. Then....(insert ominous music)

Mayor Tutunjian, on the advice of Recreation Director George Rogers, vetoed the resolution.

Mayor Tutunjian argued that the City needed the fees, that people treat things better when they pay for it and that such a waiver would set a bad precedent because children pay to use the City's pools. We swear to God, that was his argument. The Council must have seen the logic because they overrode the veto by a unanimous vote, 9-0.

Council President Marge DerGurahian pointed out that the waiver would cost the city $3,000 and that such a loss would be made up in other use fees. Other Council members chimed in:

Councilman Armet: "I believe the children are our future."
Councilman Wojcik: "Treat them well and let them lead the way."
Councilwoman Collier: "Show them all the beauty the posses inside."
Councilman Judge: "Give them a sense of pride."

Congratulations Troy City Council. In all seriousness, good show.

As for Mr. Judge, we are really beginning to like him. First, he walked away from the budget vote, protesting the administrations strongarm tactics. Some criticized him for that act, but we here at The Troy Polloi always appreciate acts of defiance. Now, he makes sure that his sensible legislation is passed, despite Tutunjian's clumsy, inept veto. Of course, it is an election year and voting against children has never been all that popular. Still, no matter how or why, the right outcome was achieved. Congratulation for a job well done. Now, for Harry...You will be visited by three ghosts.

Image hosted by
Mayor Harry: "Are there no workhouses,
are there no orphanages?"

Mayor, please! The difficulties you mention are nonsense. First, if anyone asks, simply tell them that Troy Youth Groups can use the facilities for free. Individuals cannot. If they press you, tell them it has something to do with liability insurance.

Secondly, as for the money: stop talking like a politician. You found over $30,000 to create a position for Jeff Buell. You were able to raise Corporation Counsel's salary from $75,000 to $80,000. Maybe some of that can cover the lost fees. Is it so easy to ease the pressure on the wallets of Buell and Mitchell and not for organized youth groups?

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