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Saturday, September 12, 2015


Sure, the body is still warm, but what the hell. Pass the scalpel.

The general consensus among those in-the-know is that Patrick Madden has enough absentees to maintain his infinitesimal lead in the mayoral primary. Honestly, this surprises us. Why?


Wiltshire ran an A+ campaign in terms of organization. He got his people to the polls. He went door-to-door numerous times and sent out personalized e-mails that included the recipient's first name as well as their polling location. They know social media. A smart campaign from an organizational standpoint. We figured they would have had the absentee ballot angle covered.


A C+. He only gets the + because the conventional wisdom is that he'll eke it out. Madden's campaign lacked energy and in the internet age Wiltshire's campaign is facebook and Madden's was Myspace. One imagines Madden's people had a Commodore 64 with a DOS operating system. They need to revamp and hire or get volunteers under the age of 40.


Ernie proved a class act by stopping by Ryan's Wake on Thursday night. That is old school, and gracious. Hopefully, when (if?) Madden wins he'll have Ernie next to him at the press conference announcing his primary victory.

This campaign exposed the painful truth that both candidates have their strengths but also their weaknesses. Madden did not have people running to the polls for him. Rodney did, but not enough. Madden appears reluctant. Wiltshire overeager. Both could learn something from the other.


Some free advice (Hey, you get what you pay for):

Madden - update your campaign, find a good energy drink and hit the pavement. Find a few kids who know social media and start working it. Don't forget to run as the 'outsider' since you are actually the real outsider. You have not been on the City Council and have not been enrolled in any party. Your position with TRIP prevented your involvement in partisan bullshit. Use that to your advantage now. You are the political outsider.

Madden needs to widen his circle of advisors. To date he has relied far too much on former Troy Mayor Mark Pattison and operative Mark Streb. Those are fine people to rely on for campaign advice, but expand it to include people that are currently in City Hall or have run in an election in the last few years. People who really know the current lay of the land.

Rodney, it would have been great if you had two lines.  You won't. If you are a Democrat, you need to endorse Madden and campaign for him. Put aside your hatred of Tom Wade and do what is right for the party but more importantly do what is right for the city. You'll have a future if you stop taking your ball and going home every time you don't get your way. Also, you may want to consult an attorney about those recorded conversations with the Everett supporter. They may have gone over the line. We'll discuss that later, not in front of company.

Ernie, campaign hard for Madden. You have a future in politics.


Funniest line heard at Ryan's Wake: "Wiltshire must be in trouble." Said when former County Court Judge candidate Amy O'Connor walked in to Ryan's Wake around 9:30. That said, O'Connor would be a good choice for corporation counsel in a Democratic administration.

Sneaky Move: The Wiltshire Campaign attempting to co-opt the Dresher campaign in e-mails. Dresher was not amused. Another ethical issue with Wiltshire's campaign.

Corey Jenkins will not campaign in District 6 (D'Arcy needs to get him on board). A pragmatic decision that the other Team Troy members should follow. Anasha will survey his supporters about whether to campaign or not. Peggy is moving forward with her campaign. If the losing candidates are democrats, they need to campaign for the winners. And yes, that means Kopka and Higbee should help Bissember and Doherty.

Finally, where's Jim Franco?  T-Spin looks like its been abandoned.


Anonymous said...

Very astute analysis of the campaigns. This was Wiltshire's third campaign and Madden's first. Totally agree that Ernest showed grace and class. Looking forward to next round of the race.

Anonymous said...

Rodney needs to endorse Madden or leave the party. You played by the rules so far, don't, as Democratus says, take your ball and go home. That's a pussy move.

Troy's Finest said...

Since Franco's predictions and analysis sucks, maybe he realized it and stepped down to let better blogs take over. Just a thought.

TPD said...

A Choice between Wiltshire and Gordon ain't much of a choice. Go Madden!

Anonymous said...

Big things for Jim Franco and WDGJ talk radio 1300 on the horizon. Stay tuned.

Blue Blazer said...

Vandenburgh has sunk that low?

Anonymous said...

The Amy O'Connor crack was passed all over the room, you're right Big D it was the most amusing moment of the night. Lets do a poll and get the readers to guess where it originated:
a. Peter Ryan
b. Ian Silverman
c. Tom Wade
d. Bill Dunne
e. Kevin Mcgrath
Winner gets Amy's hand me down cloths.

Anonymous said...

how about the big F for this blog that predicted Rodney was a win? Also if your going to plagiarize Kevin McCashon joke about Amy O'Conner these retards will only give you false pleasure. Great pick with the Hair Bear for at large seat. You F-ing losers don't even believe you pulled this off. Took a hack like Sabo to inadvertently get the win more Madden. The best thing about the primary was the loss of that little witch Kopka. Imagine that down fall. First council president. Then screwing Carmella to get the third seat to losing in a primary and being sent to the island with the rest of the Delusional bunch. Don't worry though Lynn Erin will be with you in seven weeks. You ass hole couldn't even knock Bob Dorriety off. Mayor Gordon folks get use to it. Harry gone 4 years now.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Dems had more votes in the primary. No reason why Whiltshire can't win the election.

Go Team Troy, Go said...

That's a fair analysis of the campaigns. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Rodney needs to step aside and be a democrat or leave the party and go with the wfp. You said it best: don't play the game, lose and then take your ball home. It's over. If we had won we'd expect the party to work for us.

Anonymous said...

9:17 - What's the matter, didn't get a good night's sleep? How is repeating something heard plagiarism? The Troy Polloi doesn't need to rip-off a loser living in his mom's basement. This blog was around before McCashion lived here.

Anonymous said...

Please, that was McCashion. Must be driving him crazy that there's a real political site now. No worries. He's harmless. Let him jibber-jabber. Its fun to watch the crazy.

Anonymous said...


Phana24JG said...

You overrated Madden's campaign and neglected to give Everett a good grade. Madden talks like a third-rate pseudo intellectual desperate to sound intelligent. He is a decent guy and a bright man, but the touchy-feely lingo has to go.

Gordon has an excellent chance. Turnout is likely to be relatively low, and he is a far better campaigner than Madden. Rodney will pull a lot of the uberliberal base from the Dems, and if he can get some good coverage, and/or we have some more #TroyCrazy behavior (a little McCashion lingo there), it's a wide open race

Anonymous said...

Until the 911 call is released.

Anonymous said...
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