The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Before we get to our post, we have this:

Just funny, that's all. Why does God hate District 2?

Here we go: just a friendly reminder of who is running for what in Thursday's Democratic  primary. Remember to vote. If you don't, the terrorists win. (A reader points out the primary is next Thursday, our mistake. We should have been clear).


Ernest Everett
Patrick Madden
Rodney Wiltshire

Wiltshire will have the Working Families Party line in November.

City Council At-large (top three vote-getters in the general election punished by getting a seat on the City Council).

So-Called Wade Democrats will be listed first, followed by Team Troy.

Erin Sullivan-Teta (incumbent)
Carol Weaver
Carey Dresher

Peggy Kownack
Anasha Cummings
David Martin

Council District 1

Laurie Ryan
Jessica Ashley

Council District 2  *
No primary

Council District 3
No primary

Council District 4

Barbara Jones Higbee
Bob Doherty (incumbent)

Council District 5

Lynn Kopka (At-Large incumbent running in a district for first time)
David Bissember

Council District 6

Wayne D'Arcy
Corey Jenkins

With a few exceptions, this is a veritable 'who's that' of the political world. A bad thing? Not necessarily.

Of course the Democratic line for mayor is the big enchilada. It is not only a straight-forward contest between two candidates, it may determine Democratic Chair Tom Wade's future. While a Wiltshire victory has no technical effect on the chairmanship, it will weaken Wade's influence and perhaps ignite another attempt to oust him at the next organizational meeting. If Wiltshire wins, what does it say about Wade's ability to run the party? Beth Walsh bucked the system in her run for Family Court, but Troy mayor is like the jewel in the Democratic crown. If Wade has no input into the patronage mill his influence will have to wane.

If Wiltshire and most of his people lose the primary, is that that? Is he done, over, neutralized? Can Bob Doherty, the Team Troy player with the best chance of winning, carry the Team Troy banner into the new year?**

Outside of the mayoral contest, the big race to watch is District 5 (nestled cozily between Districts 4 and 6). It is well-known that Wiltshire and Lynn Kopka do not like each other. Team Troy is concentrating most of their efforts in this district and the results will be telling. Or not. We have heard good things about Mr. Bissember and we like Lynn Kopka (yes, feral cats and all). District 5 should be in good hands.

* Based on their choice between McGrath and Robertson, Council District 2 sent use a hostage video where they blinked S.O.S on a continuous loop

** Not a figure of speech but an actual banner he will have to lug around in public


Anonymous said...

Actually, the primary is a week from Thursday, but what's one week among friends.

Anonymous said...

The D5 race is as much about Zalewski's hatred for Kopka as anything. Remember this career underachieving politico endorsing Dean Bodnar to spite Wade choice Michele DeLair? It's all personal with Ken, which is ironic, is that's what his complaint with Wade is. Never a finer hypocrite has served this city. OK, save Bob Mirch.

Anonymous said...

Team Troy is weak. I have a feeling the Rodster is just using them. Once they all lose, even Doherty, he'll leave them by the wayside and move on with his mayoral race.

Anonymous said...

Doherty will win. Probably none of the others. It'll be a slaughter. Rodney loses and its not close.

Go Team Troy, Go said...

Wiltshire is the only candidate that can beat Jim Gordon. Gordon is a strong candidate, stronger than Harry or Pattison. He'll trounce Madden. We need Wiltshire.

Anonymous said...

You need a little 101 on voter registration numbers. Gordon has no shot against Madden.

Anonymous said...

Why do you focus on Mark McGrath? He's been out of office for a while now. Sick of blaming Harry?

God & Country said...

People are tired of atheistic demoncrats with their lack of patriotism. Gordon wins no sweet.

Anonymous said...

You are so right about Ken Zalewski. He is a snake,consumed with hatred. He really needs help

Anonymous said...

Congradulations you have all managed to not mention Harry. Gone 4 years now.

Anonymous said...

The only true Troy person is Kim Ashe Mcpherson

Anonymous said...

At Thursday's council meeting, Rodney once again stuck it to the Troy PD..

Anonymous said...

Someone comments on almost every blog that Harry has been gone for 4 years. Perhaps Harry likes to post about himself and see what gets written. Harry may have been out if office almost 4 years, but his ego never left. Kinda sad and pathetic

Anonymous said...

These Mark McGrath who was caught on film illegally taking down Rodney s signs?? That Mark McGrath???

Anonymous said...

I read "Gordon is a strong candidate" and I couldn't get any further. I laughed so hard I spit water all over my screen.

Anonymous said...

What a shit show tonight at Troy council meeting. Produced by Rodney.

Anonymous said...

How long has Harry been gone? I mean Harry, how long have you been gone?

Anonymous said...

Not long enough. And by gone, what do you mean? He's still lurking.

Anonymous said...

I've been gone (counts on fingers) two, no six, maybe four years.

Anonymous said...

Almost time for a cheeseburger Harry!

Anonymous said...

Why focus on Mark McGrath ? Why focus on the man who illegally took down one of Rodney s signs? Do you think he just pulled Mark's name out of thin air? Mark made Mark the story.

Anonymous said...

McGrath's running for office. He's a jackass, a loudmouth hypocrite. Why wouldn't you go after Mark McGrath?

Anonymous said...

@ 8:18 Hilary, did you and Mark have a fight today or something? OUCH

Blue Blazer said...

I like McGrath. He's a good judge.

Inglorious Bastard said...

8:04 - "The only true Troy person is Kim Ashe Mcpherson."

Like, ever? Are the rest of us fake Troy people?

Anonymous said...

Faux Trojan is the proper term.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the word artificial. Faux is pretentious.

Anonymous said...

Thats what you think. Ive been followign this man "old nichols dude" since the 1990s. He has all kinds of information on the Clintons that he hasnt released to the public if they kill him his friends will release this information to the media thats how whistleblowers like Larry Nichols protect themselves . He has video of Hillary having an affair with Vince Foster. Larry put the hidden cameras in the Arkansas governors mansion himself. Hes not saying everything that he knows or has

Bat Shit Crazy said...

I was just thinking the same thing. Don't forget your meds.

Jingo Unchained said...

Faux is another Frenchified word. We don't take to such talk hereabouts.

GOP Insider said...

Why pick on McGrath. He's been gone for two years.