The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


First off, the TROY NY facebook page has some great, vintage photos of Troy. Hat tip to Andrew Cooper.

Now, on to our story.

More numbers for people who care. We know many of you like to crunch the numbers, so here's a few. If you don't, settle down, take out a book and read to yourselves.

We  have the enrollment numbers for Troy from 2014. These won't be exact. People move out, move in, die.* The numbers should be roughly similar today. We suspect the WFP numbers have gone up a bit.We might be able to track down the up-to-date number but, screw it.

Democrats - 8,457
Republicans - 3,617
Independent - 1,474
Conservative - 1,237
Working Families - 481

Blanks - 6,603

There's a smear of Green Party enrollees but barely enough to notice. There's an even smaller number of 'other' parties, so small that they're not even named.

The total number of enrolled voters for Troy is 20,395, roughly twice the number that actually vote.

What's this tell us? No idea, really.

Based on our last post we no that Mayor Lou received 5,000 votes and Mantello 4,100. We know Mayor Tutunjian, in 2007, received 5,400 to former Deputy Mayor Conroy's 4,100.

Do these tea leaves really tell us anything? It tells us Trojans are true Americans, with our 50% voter turnout (which includes forged absentee ballots). We do not have the breakdown of how many of each party, or how many blanks, voted for whom. So, we guess the best questions to ponder are:

1. Can Gordon get as many votes as Tutunjian? Mantello? Tutunjian was an incumbent whose image didn't get tarnished until his second term. Half of Tutunjian's budgets included a 0% tax increase (because he raided and depleted Pattison's reserve fund, we now face a double-digit tax increase). Mantello's name recognition is much higher than Gordon's as she had been around Troy politics for 73 years.

2. Is the Democratic vote evenly split?  Wiltshire ran the type of campaign that does create strong support among his supporters. The type of voter that will vote in a blinding downpour or raging snowstorm (or vice versa). That type of support has a ceiling. It is interesting to note that Rodney secured just about as many votes in the primary as 'likes' on his facebook page.

3. Does Wiltshire support slowly shrink (you know about shrinkage?) as the prospect of a Gordon administration grows? That is another phenomenon with third-parties. People will start to lay-off the Wiltshire bubbly for fear of a Gordon hangover.

4. Will Gordon's refusal to request, and disclose, the 911 tape hurt him?

Our best guess, and it is only a guess, is that the election will break down as follows:

9,250 votes

Gordon 3,600
Wiltshire 1,500
Madden 3,900
Cox 250

We may be generous in almost doubling Wiltshire's support.

Now on to our newest feature, GUESS WHO'S THE DOUCHE

Which area politician has their bowels in an uproar about the newly painted crosswalk mural at Fifth Avenue and 101st Street?

We'll give you three guesses, but you're not going to need them.

This bone-chilling, sinister sturgeon is another manufactured micro-aggression in the mind of:

a) Ken Zalewski
b) Carmella Mantello
c) Mark McGrath
d) Gary Galuski

The answer is here.

What's next? Stripers! Salmon! We must resist!**

* Yes, they may still be eligible to vote

** According to the artist the intent is to resist McGrath's descent into an Alzheimers-like nuttiness. 


Anonymous said...

Nuttiness is Mark's specialty. Granted Robertson is a train wreck, but what did McGrath actually accomplish during his eight years? It will be fun to see Mark and Bob Doherty's month food fights at the early bird special. And you thought this council was bad...

Velvet Librarian said...

Ibid at 6:49

Gavin Belson said...

I have already heard a few people, just a few, grudgingly admit that a vote for Rodney is a vote for Gordon. I for one will hold my nose and vote for the machine candidate. I can't take a return to the Tutunjian days.

Maybe this will catch on, maybe not. If Rodney does split the vote and Gordon is elected, he should be invited to the swearing in ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Let's have a play!
"The Gordon Incident"
We can have casting calls and tryouts for parts.
Opening night gala!
It'll be a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Pattison levied a 25% tax increase on the homeowners of Troy while welcoming the vast number of non profits that now cripple this city. Harry's fund balance was double that of Pattisons. Lou squandered it all. HG4YN

Anonymous said...

The strategy you lay out is flawed. Rodney will bury Madden-Wade and guarantee a Gordon victory. Instead of throwing insults at Rodney on here you should be luring him back under the big tent. It's the only way your democratic machine survives.

Anonymous said...

Not true. Harry used up the reserve. Partisan did the difficult but proper thing which allowed Harry to talk about the Renaissance.

Anonymous said...

Don't try and argue facts. Harry was awesome and everything is always someone else's fault.

OldSmoke27 said...

Wiltshire left the "big tent" because it isn't big enough to house his ego.
If there was a machine, Wiltshire wouldn't exist.
Wiltshire will have no friends come November.

Anonymous said...

I don't see Rodney burying Madden unless the campaign is a complete disaster. I can see Rodney very competitive, and maybe if everything broke his way, a chance to win.

The budget that is presented tomorrow will be our first chance to observe the candidates handling an issue we know most voters will care about. I suspect predictions will be more meaningful in a week or so. Meantime, you can all be jealous of the Brooks chicken and ribs I will be picking up later this pm for dinner.

Anonymous said...

McGrath is a hypocrite of the highest order. While he was on the council, he voted on budgets that included jobs for his kids, in clear violation of state and City of Troy ethics laws. Let's not even talk about his sorted past. McGrath is the last person is Troy that should be talking about ethics.

About the fund balance issue, HG4YN you need to check your facts. Harry deleted the fund balances and reserves to keep growth at 0%. When Lou came in, the cupboard was bare.

Politicus Ebonus Abyssus

Anonymous said...

That's what makes you all so ignorant "OldSmoke". Wiltshire will always have friends, they will never be your friends.

Anonymous said...

With friends like Rodney's, who needs showers?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know McGrath could write.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Harry knocked up all of Lynn's feral cats also. McGrath was the 20th pilot was on 911. Lou will come out with a tax increase under the state cap tomorrow. Mark Paterson is my sit-up coach. Jim Conroy never saw a money grab he didn't like. Kenny Z is dating my sister. This is all plausible with this group of F-ing nutty Democrates on this blog. Go Jim Gordon Go. We've all had enough.

Truth Teller said...

Not sure Harry is capable of knocking up anyone. He was capable of depleting the reserve fund Pattison built up so he could have budgets with low tax increases, leaving us to pay the proverbial piper. He also cost us more than a hundred thousand in law suits, bought a crappy building from Judge with crazy rent that wasn't code compliant.... need we say more? Lou is hardly great but a hell of a lot better than our 'lil Martinet.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog -You're very witty. But some of your posters are - let's just say/ kind of odd. As far as the reserve fund, Lou was left a nice package - that's a fact. Both Gordon & Madden would do a good job in my opinion. Rodney is a train wreck, and Cox an 110 vote non-factor bigger train wreck. Enjoy your writing though.

Anonymous said...

McGrath is just a jackass, blowhard. He was OK for a pol once. He has become crazier and angrier every year.

Anonymous said...

If you know McGrath you would know the more you talk about him the bigger his head gets. The other night his head blocked out the blood moon.

Anonymous said...

The reserve was drained by Harry. FOIL it and see.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe if "she" looked like a wrestler.. .
.....Lemuel Phibes

Rabbi Robbie said...

Heard tax hike could be in single digits after some cutting. Should be interesting to see how Wiltshire and Gordon act. I do not like Gordon and won't vote for him. Still, he is running a much more restrained, mature campaign than I thought he would. Lets see if Wiltshire owns this budget or uses it for politics.

Taxed said...

No matter what the increase, everyone will moan and groan, then they'll forget about it. Happens every year.

Anonymous said...

Question for anyone that live in District 2. Why can't you find decent candidates. Why stupid v a-hole.

Anonymous said...

No, they moan and groan and still demand services, yet wonder why they cost more each year. Stupid people.

Nick Germaine said...

Do you really think Gordon won't break even 3,800?

Rodney doesn't reach 2,000? Interesting. We'll see.

Concerned for Mark said...

Can't wait to see what McGrath will do next. He's getting crazier and crazier each day. He used to be prickly, but he could be reasoned with. Now, he's a bit out there. This is not a joke. I do fear for his sanity. He seems to be spiraling out of control.

Gordon Wins said...

Gordon in a landslide. Madden comes in third. Republicans are really excited this year. We had a great fundraiser for Jim out in Averill Park. Wall to wall people. Madden should drop out. Wiltshire has a better shot. He's got no shot, but better than Madden.

Council will be 8-1 Republican

Landfill said...

That fundraiser was amazing! At one point there were 9 people in the room! I heard Gordon's wife actually showed up! Sounds like a landslide to me!

Anonymous said...

The part of Mrs Gordon will be played by a frying pan. Jim Gordon will be played by a fire hydrant, but the fire hydrant was asked to tone it down a few notches because the fire hydrant has way more personality than the real Jim Gordon! The part of Harry Tutunjian will be played by the Michelin tire man. Mark McGrath will be played by his look alike Sponge Bob. That's all the parts given out so far. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...


Small minded people
Politicians who care about themselves and their families rather than the people they serve

Anonymous said...

You are a fucking liar! Blatant lies that can easily be confirmed. You enjoy lying to people? Now your psychotic rants are blatant lies!

Anonymous said...

HG4YN is obviously Harry or one of his close pals (Pirro perhaps) This is what they do. When getting hammered with the facts, they just start to blatantly lie! They still don't give us credit for being smart. They still think we are morons! Just go away, you are all pathetic has beens

Anonymous said...

Made it kind of furry too. He's Whairs it At.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:26 PM "They still don't give us credit for being smart. They still think we are morons!" well considering you're posting that I would surmise, you're not very bright. But hey, the world needs dishwashers.

Anonymous said...

Dishwashers like Jeff Pirro ?