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Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Nick Kaiser is now one of two candidates for Marco Island's top cop job. Kelly Farrell has the story. If Kaiser is selected, he's one lucky man. It looks like a great spot. It's not South Troy, but it ain't half bad.


According to the Times Union:

City Police Chief Nicholas Kaiser is a finalist to be the next top cop in Marco Island, Fla., Police Department, according to a news release issued by that community.
Kaiser is competing against four other candidates to head up the Florida community's police department.

Why anyone would want to leave the area for Marco Island is a mystery.

Chief Kaiser is not without his detractors. We found him to be a good man but not the strongest of leaders. He has a difficult job and the current administration has not made that job any easier. A concerted effort by the Administration last fall to oust Kaiser (an effort paid for by taxpayers) failed when the GOP lost control of the Council. That is the type of political distraction a Police Department does not need.

Interestingly, the Administration's choice for the head job, Assistant Chief John Tedesco, has also been reading the want-ads. Tedesco was up for the job in Guilderland, and received high marks, but didn't get the nod. He's also tested the waters in Massachusetts.

We hope Kaiser gets the job. Why he'd want to move to a dump like Marco Island is beyond us.


Robert Martiniano, Confidential Assistant to Council President Clem Campana, will resign his position effective this September.

Martiniano's tenure as Confidential Assistant was tainted by scandal over accusations that his position was a "No-Show Job." Well, taint isn't the right word. There was a concerted effort by some to manufacture a scandal, an effort that duped local television journalist Greg Floyd into not only investigating the allegations but running a story that failed to substantiate any of the allegations. They certainly get an A for effort.

The substance of the allegation was that Martiniano was not physically in a City Hall office like the former Confidential Assistant. Which really explains a certain public sector mindset. The only problem with the allegation was that its proponents failed to produce any evidence of a No-Show job. Martiniano's role was not that of a glorified receptionist, a point that seemed to bother the former glorified receptionist.

That said, we have issues with the position of a Confidential Assistant to the Council President or one for the Mayor. It's a position that is funded by the taxpayers but can be used for the benefit of one political party. Martiniano functioned as Campana's 'right hand man' or right hand person. That's fine and perfectly acceptable in Troy politics. We just have doubts that the position is necessary (we harbor doubts that many other positions are necessary as well, such as Public Works Commissioner).

Good Luck Bob. We wish you every success in the future.

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