The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, July 28, 2008


On Thursday, the Troy City Council approved a deal that would settle the City of Rensselaer's water debt.

Rensselaer would pay Troy $1.2 million for the bills it has not paid since 1998 plus $250,000 in interest. The $1.45 million would be paid by the end of October.

The agreement received not only unanimous approval, but every Council member voted for it as well.

What the hell happened? What happened to the $3.5 million the Administration says is owed? Will the Mayor veto this agreement? What about Councilmen Wojcik and McGrath not agreeing to anything less than the full amount owed? Will Madge ever find the baby she put up for adoption?

Councilman Brown's proposal, often the target for Wojcik and McGrath's condemnation, would have recouped more money and we all know that the only thing better than recouping money is the initial couping of money.

So what happened?

Lots of fun stuff to discuss this week and we hope to get to it all:

Martiniano resigns;

Revisiting the Non-Rep Policy;

And much, much more.

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