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Monday, July 21, 2008


It's mid-summer so we're taking it easy. Light posting. It's less filling but tastes great.

In the race to replace Joe Bruno, Assemblyman Roy McDonald has dominated the coverage. However, there's another candidate: Rensselaer's own Brian Premo. He's the only Rensselaeroid in the race.

Premo showed just how serious he is about taking Joe Senate seat by funding his campaign to the tune of $70,000.

Brian Premo, the endorsed Democratic candidate in the 43rd State Senate District, has funded his campaign with $70,000 of his own money.

Rensselaer County Chairman Tom Wade issued a statement saying Premo always knew it would take money to challenge State Senator Joseph Bruno, R-Brunswick, and that’s why only Premo was willing to run against him.

We don't know if Premo's the best candidate the Democrats could offer. We do know, he's the only one to step forward and announce his candidacy when everyone thought Bruno was still in the race.

Ironically, Joe's departure may have hurt Premo's chances. Running against Bruno, especially this year, had some built-in themes for the savvy challenger: change, Bruno as part of the problem....Not saying it would have worked but it was a theme, a message to use. That's more difficult with McDonald.

One thought: It will be interesting to see if this race becomes more about Rensselaer County against Saratoga than it is partisan.

Found this interview with Premo. Short but it's a start. We can't find Premo's website. If he doesn't have a web presence, he should remedy that as soon as possible.

Another challenger for Bruno's seat is Joanne Yepsen, from Saratoga County. We know nothing about Joanne but based on the picture on her older site, we could definitely support her. She'd raise the Senate's cuteness factor by 200%. We're all about priorities.

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