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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Gosh, we guess the Mayor wasn't 'On' television calling the Council lazy. Perhaps it depends on what the definition of 'is' is.

Did any of these television "reporters" actually call Housing and Urban Development before leading the story with how the Council is late? Even the reporter asks the question: "Why do it so late?"

If they had called HUD, like a blog that shall remain nameless did, they would have known better. Instead, they base their story on something a politician said with no follow-up. Is this what our media has come to? Aren't they supposed to uncover the facts? Aren't they supposed to dig? Not just for this story but for any story. Hell, a political candidate had to spoon-feed them the Hevesi story.

Just, just....F---k it!

Moving on....

In the Twenty First, candidate Phil Steck receives more endorsements:

Phil Steck, Democratic candidate for Congress, announced today that he has been endorsed by Troy City Council Members John Brown (At-Large), Pete Ryan (District 3), Ken Zalewski (District 5), and Gary Galuski (District 6) in his bid to succeed Congressman Mike McNulty, who is retiring. Steck has now received endorsements from more than 50 local elected and Democratic Party officials.

“I am not surrounded by an army of lobbyists and my campaign is rooted in the community, and I greatly appreciate the support of the Troy City Councilmembers who are fighting for change at the local level,” said Steck. “We need people in Washington who don’t just talk about change, but who actually have a record of making change. People who are willing to be bold, who have the courage to stand up to get this country back on track.”

On the GOP side, Jim Buhrmaster picked-up two important nods:

The Schenectady County Republican Executive Committee and the Albany County Republican Committee have endorsed Jim Buhrmaster as their candidate in the 21st Congressional race.

Buhrmaster, whose family has owned a fuel business since the early 1900s, is running against one other Republican, Steven Vasquez. There are seven Democrats who have declared in the race. Here’s what the party leaders said.

“Albany County Republican Chairman Peter Kermani said, ‘We are very excited about Jim’s candidacy and look forward to helping him make history in November. He’s the only candidate in the race with experience in both local government and business. He’s the only candidate who’s actually cut taxes and created jobs.’”

Finally, Troy's Democratic Council blows another one. When the City Council was in Republican hands the City routinely won this contest. Now, under the Democrats? Defeat!

Guess they don't add the special ingredient: Love.

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