The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, May 05, 2008


Too many topics to choose. Just close your eyes and grab one.

The Troy Pig Out - We thought the Troy Pig Out happened last year, right after the elections. No, it's not about Tutunjian and his pay hikes.

Paying Rich Hanft - Don't know why this is such a big deal. Hanft should be paid the same way any lawyer retained to defend the Council is paid. He should be paid the same way Bailey & Associates is always paid when they defend the City. The Council is entitled to a defense under Public Officers Law.

Or, wait until budget time and pay Hanft with money that would usually go to the Corporation Counsels Office.

Hotels - Is anyone else sceptical about Troy's ability to sustain two (2) hotels?

North Greenbush - Jeff Spain speaks out about the mess in North Greenbush. Question: Doesn't Supervisor Evers have to sign the checks? Did he sign the checks? If he didn't, are the checks valid? If he did sign the checks.....

Another Veto - The Mayor believes a second Charter Review Commission is unlawful. Has the Council requested an opinion from the Council's attorney, Corporation Counsel, David B. Michell? Please cite the law that makes a second commission 'illegal.'

A charter commission may be established by a city governing body notwithstanding the existence of such a commission previously created by the city mayor. Both commissions may function simultaneously, but separate and independent of each other, and submit questions for voter approval at the same general election or separate special elections. 1974 Ops St Compt File #1300.

City is not authorized to limit number of charter commissions that may be established; city is not authorized to limit life of charter commission, as state law requires that work of charter commission be completed in time to present proposals to electors no later than second general election after charter commission was created and organized. Ops Atty Gen 89-34 (Informal).

If there's case law to the contrary, please advise. In any event, since the two commissions will operate independently, why does the Mayor care? This is good, old American competition. And competition almost always benefits the consumer.

It is exciting. Like that long-ago, Philadelphia summer of 1776. We just hope the new Charter is written on old, crinkled, parchment.

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