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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Our weekly update on What's Happening in the 21st CD. Hey, hey, Raj!

Brooks Blasts Big Oil:

On Thursday, May 1st, Tracey Brooks blasted record-high prices at the pump and record-breaking big oil profits, and addressed how the Bush Administration's energy and foreign policy failures have led to this crisis, and discuss the need to finally implement both short-term conservation and long-term energy alternative solutions.

Brooks' blast comes as Exxon Mobil announced their first-quarter net income rose 17 percent to $10.89 billion and profits increased by 10 percent. Siena College also released a poll featuring citizens frustrated attitudes on gas prices.The price of gas has recently jumped in the Capital -- already knocking at $4.00 a gallon with prices ranging as high as 3.79 to 3.99, well ahead of the expected summer increases.

Tonko Toys with Congressional Bid?

Metroland wonders if Tonko is in the race.

More from the Times Union.

Always thought that Tonko, with a built-in base, would be the front runner for the nomination. Did he wait too long?

Phil Steck

The Albany Project wonders about a media blackout on the Steck campaign.

Democratic candidate for Congress Phil Steck, running amongst six other announced candidates to replace retiring Representative Mike McNulty (D, NY-21) opened his campaign headquarters Thursday.

Yet you wouldn't know this if you relied on the local mainstream media of New York's Capital Region. No news cameras were at the press conference called by the Democratic candidate who has raised the most money and received by far the most endorsements for his campaign for change.

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