The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, September 17, 2007



Tomorrow is Primary Day.

The big primary battles are in Albany County: Manning v Carlson and the Albany Comptrollers race. In Troy, Ken Zalewski and Tom Thornton will slug it out for the Dem nomination in the City's 5th ED and we'll find out if incumbent Marge DerGurahian will have a place on the ballot in her At-Large run.

Most of the Troy races are same-old same-old: Mirch diddling around with minor party lines.

The TU has the primary races right here.

Shawn Charniga covers the GOP races in the hinterlands and Franco weighs in on Watervliet and more.

If memory serves, WFP primaries in Rensselaer County are frequently won by votes of 3-2 or 2-1. One of the few times a dead car battery can change the course of an election.

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