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Wednesday, September 12, 2007



We don't talk about the city to the west of us. That's mostly because it's all the way across the river. This year, however, it plays host to what may be the most exciting primary election.

Mayor Carlson (D) is facing a primary challenge from City Councilman Mike Manning (D, formerly I). Councilman Charlie Diamond ( a man whose personal and professional reputation is outstanding) has backed the challenger. From the press release:

Watervliet Councilman Charlie Diamond announced today that he is endorsing Mike Manning for Mayor of Watervliet.

“I am pleased to join with the Watervliet Firefighters Union, many friends and supporters of Mike Manning in endorsing his candidacy for election as Mayor of Watervliet,” said Diamond. “Mike Manning is intelligent and hard working, but most importantly he deeply cares about the people of our community,” said Diamond.

Diamond said that he understands that while some people in his position might have shied away from making an endorsement in a tough Primary election, he “simply could not sit on the sidelines when so much is at stake. Mike Manning has new ideas that will move our city forward and he isn’t afraid to tackle tough challenges. He has a vision for the future of our city, and I wholeheartedly support his recent call for the adoption of a Comprehensive Plan for Watervliet.”

In response to the endorsement, Mike Manning said that he couldn’t have a better teammate than Charlie Diamond. “Charlie has had a direct and profound effect on the lives of thousands of people throughout the Capital Region as a public servant and volunteer. I am extremely happy to have his support. I look forward to continuing to work with him to make Watervliet even greater.”

“I have known Mike Manning his entire life and he is a great person from a well respected Watervliet family. I have watched him as a Councilman for the past two years and he has had an incredible impact making city government more responsive to the people,” added Diamond.

Diamond urged the citizens of Watervliet to make the right choice on Primary Day, September 18th. His message to residents was straightforward, “When the citizens go to the polls, I hope they vote for change and new ideas. City residents have the opportunity to elect a Mayor who is responsive, dedicated, and committed to the people of Watervliet. They should vote for Mike Manning as if their future and the future of Watervliet depends on it – because it does.”

An interesting dynamic is at play over in 'Vliet. Charlie Diamond is extremely popular. He also works for Mike McNulty. McNulty has endorsed Carlson. Diamond's cousin is also named Charles Diamond (we'll call him CDII). CDII is Carlson's Treasurer and in his radio ads, Carlson takes pains to inform people his Treasurer is Charles Diamond.


At Large Candidate John Brown will be having a fundraiser this weekend at Ryan's Wake. Here's the info:

Brown's proved extremely adept at raising money and we suspect that RW's will be hopping this Sunday.


The 'swap' of City Hall for the Verizon building has interesting potential. This smells like election year BS.

There will not be a hotel on the corner of Hoosick and Lavin Court. Oh, they'll talk about it, look into it.....ain't happenin' folks. And that's a good thing. It's an awful location for a hotel. What will guests do, walk to Popeye's for some fried chicken and then to Samaritan for a side order of angioplasty? Please. Hoosick Street will not be another Wolf Road. If by some chance it does turn into another Wolf Road, it'll be the Brunswick end of Hoosick Street. Hell, even the Mayor goes to Brunswick to shop.

Land speculation is well and good but when will we hear that 500 private sector jobs are moving into the city, that our taxes are being cut by 7% and that young families are moving into the city? Parades and concerts are not a substitute for leadership.

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