The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, September 21, 2007


Troy will feature the region's only four-way mayoral race this election season. Candidates include not only incumbent Harry Tutunjian and Jim Conroy but Elda Abate and WFP candidate Christopher Consuello. Conseullo is geared-up and ready to take Troy by storm. From Fox News:

One of the employees at Jimmy's Pizzeria in Troy is hoping city voters will deliver him to the mayor's office in November.Twenty-one-year-old Christopher Consuello works part-time at the pizzeria and full-time for Troy's Department of Public Works. He's running for mayor but his mother tells FOX23 News that he doesn't want the job. Toni Consuello says, "He was put up to go up for election and he was told that if he didn't do it, he was going to get fired. "The candidate's mother says her son's boss, Public Works Director Bob Mirch, is forcing him to run on the Working Families Party line, specifying that he should not run a campaign.

To see the video, just click on Troy Primary Problems. In the cynical, jaded world of politics it refreshing to have young, energetic candidates. It's even more refreshing to see the candidate's mother so enthused about her son's foray into public service. It's the gleam of pride in a mother's eyes that sold us on Consuello's candidacy.

Next week will spend some time discussing Tutunjian's plan to sell municipal waterfront property. We'll tell you why it's legal and why it's a good thing for Troy.

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