The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Aside from some shootings and rapes, it's quiet. Posting will be light for the remainder of July and maybe August.


According to Capitol Confidential, (via The Saratogian) former Congressman John Sweeney is suing wife Gaia (pronounced G-a-i-a). We do not have information about the suit. John could be suing for:

a) Divorce;

b) A copy of the 'real' Police Incident Report.

Love will find a way.


Rensselaer County Democratic Chair Tom Wade is being sued by Spain. That's all we know at the present. Could be Chairman Spain, Judge Spain or the nation of Spain.

We think it's about the Party By Laws. Yawn.


Last time Corporation Counsel donated $'s to Harry, it was by money order, with no address indicated. This time Dave Mitchell listed his address as 1 Monument Square, Troy, NY. That's fine. Who really cares if he uses his business address.

It's just odd. Harry has his campaign HQ (or campaign storefront) at 20 4th Street, Troy, NY (the former location of Heer Real Estate). That was recently purchased by a David B. Mitchell. Not sure if it's our David B. Mitchell. Could be a coincidence.

The driving abstract of a David B. Mitchell (who knows if it's our David B. Mitchell) lists his residence as 20 4th Street, Troy, NY. Could be a coincidence.

Whichever David B. Mitchell purchased the building, did so from someone named Weaver. Who happens to be the son of Dick Weaver. Dick Weaver has accused Chairman Wade of.....

We have no idea what it all means, if anything. It's just fun.

However, if the Tutunjian campaign is utilizing the first floor of 20 4th Street, they did not disclose any expenditures related to that use as required by law. There should be some record of rent paid or it should be listed as an In-Kind contribution. Or so we're told.

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