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Friday, July 06, 2007


According to sources the City of Troy has purchased at least one new Dodge Charger, with police package, to be used by (so we're told) the Deputy Mayor. There's also unconfirmed reports that Director of Operations Bill Chamberlin has a nice, new Charger as well.

What's a 'police package?' A police package from Dodge may include the following:

100-amp battery power feed in trunk
160-amp high-output alternator
160-mph calibrated speedometer
800CCA heavy-duty battery
cloth front bucket seats with manual lumbar and rear fixed bench seat
column shifter
easy path wiring grommet between underhood and passenger compartment
emergency rear-door-lock override
night therapy advanced sleep micro memory foam pillow
external oil coolers
four-wheel independent performance suspension
heavy-duty brakes and linings
integrated titanium-plated all-season coffee-cup holder
integrated engine hour meter
P225/60R 18 V-rated all-season performance tires and 18-inch steel wheels
performance-tuned steering
police equipment interface module
police equipment mounting bracket
rear door locks and rear window switches inoperable from the rear seats
severe-duty cooling system
2 1/2"H x 16"L x 12 1/2"donut storage container with hinged snap on lid
software-controlled alternating head- and taillamps
special electrical wiring for police market applications
speed control
stealth mode switch for interior lighting
cast iron, three level, dual grate, adjustable hibachi

This information has been quite hard to confirm but more than one person has noted that a new Dodge Charger (not for police use) has been seen at City Hall. Oddly enough, the vehicle does not have city plates.

The new Dodge Charger is equipped with a police-style radio and is very boss.

If you recall, back in 2005, the Administration purchased two Ford Focus' (or Ford Foci). The Mayor and Dan posed for pictures and everything. Why no publicity about the Chargers? Maybe a press conference?


1) Why are our dollars being spent on high performance vehicles for non-emergency personnel;
2) Why do Administration officials need such high-performance vehicles;
3) How much did the City spend on vehicles for it's officials;
4) Can't officials be given older, Crown Vic's and any new vehicles be given to the Police Department, where they're needed to help fight the rising crime rate;
5) Can City officials use Segways;
6) Did Harry buy a shiny, new black Crown Vic?
7) Is that enough questions?

On a sad note, we've also learned that Mr. Chamberlin's radio handle is SW 1, or Solid Waste 1. With a handle like that you may as well call yourself Poop One.

The new Charger will replace this older city vehicle:

If you're going to purchase a Charger, it should look like this:

And shouldn't be hidden away under City Hall.

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