The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, July 02, 2007


Uncle Joe sure gets around....on our dime. Check out the latest at the TU.
ALBANY -- Three times this year, Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno has used taxpayer-funded state aircraft to fly to political fundraisers in Manhattan while certifying he was on official state business, according to documents obtained by the Times Union.

Our Joe even gets ground support from the New York State Troopers when travelling to fundraisers. As far as we know the Troopers haven't had to stop an attack on the Senator but they do, on occasion, provide covering fire before Joe enters the Senate chamber. The Senator's office had justification for the expenditure of tax-payer dollars:
Bruno's staff claims he faces constant threats to his life and safety and is therefore provided security details.

Some might laugh, but think about this: Every former New York State Senate Majority Leader is now dead! Coincidence?

Speaking of crime, last week Mayor Harry chatted with the citizens of Troy about the skyrocketing crime rate in the Collar City. Apparently, even the criminals appreciate being out and about, using the cleaner streets.

The Mayor urged citizens to call, e-mail or visit city hall to discuss the crises. Take our new poll over on the right and let us know if you've taken the Mayor up on his offer.

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