The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, March 12, 2007


There's trouble right here, in River City! At least according to Mayor Harold Hill.

In order to get us out from under, Mayor Hill is thinking about selling City Hall to developers. Which developers? Won't say.

A few weeks ago, at his State of the City address, Mayor Hill mentioned someone might build an hotel next to City Hall. Despite the lack of space and parking, the Mayor explained that the hotel would be 72 floors high, with two rooms per floor. We were all as excited as little school girls.

Now, it's an office building.

Is it an election year?

Proceeds from the alleged sale will fund musical instruments and music lessons for the Troy Children's Marching Band.

Maybe a brand, new City Hall should be put on hold until the city's population starts to rise. We're below 50,000 residents now and the U.S. Census Bureau's projections don't look good. Is it odd that a shrinking city that can't afford to give it's residents a tax break would buy a brand, new city hall?


Just a few election rumors to float.

The GOP/Carolin Collier running At-Large. It's not hard seeing why the GOP may want Ms. Collier to run for an At-Large council seat. It's equally easy to see why Ms. Collier would not even consider such a race, let alone actually run At-Large. Given her easy victories in the 6th ED the previous few elections, why would she?

Probability: 5%

Mayor Harry at the Troy Housing Authority. Another fun rumor actually overheard. Given his recent performance and his growing (and obvious) lack of enthusiasm for being mayor, Harry wants an appointment to head the Troy Housing Authority. The other theory propounded is that area GOP leaders (read Bruno) would like to see Harry in a position where his many deficiencies would not be so readily apparent.

The appointment is for a set term and pays well.

Probability: 25%

Artie Fredette, owner of Positively Fourth Street, to challenge Peter Ryan in the 3rd District. That's all we heard. Don't really know, don't really care.

Probability: 33.7%

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