The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Thursday, March 29, 2007


We enter day six of Intimigate with nothing but silence from City Hall. Or maybe Harry's hitting the books. In any event, a denial now is useless.

On the other hand, Democrats on the City Council and in the County Legislature are calling for investigations as well as asking the District Attorney to look into the Regan allegations. The District Attorneys Office has the subject matter under review. We could be looking at Probe City, here. *

In contrast to City Hall's official silence, DPW Commissioner/County Legislator/Bruno Constituent Liaison (or DPWCCLBCL) hasn't stopped flapping his gums. In addition to denying "all" the allegations in Regan's affidavit,** Bob Mirch has resorted to a rather pathetic 'Them-Too' move. Gee whiz, Bob, took you long enough. Let us know how that works out for you, babe.
Mr. Mirch has also been quoted as saying "there's no evidence" supporting Regan's allegations. Hate to break it to you, BM, the affidavit is testimonial evidence. You may not like it, it may be open to attack but it remains evidence. What the GOP has not done is produce anything - testimonial or otherwise - that would make us question Regan's allegations. Phone records from the two phones in Crawley's office would be a start. Mr. Buell's silence is intriguing, as he's too smart to lie.

The Democratic call for a investigation will also put Council President Henry Bauer in a tight spot. It's a little known secret that he may be the DA candidate for the GOP. It's even less well-known that part of the Legislative Branch's duty is to keep an eye on the Executive Branch. Really, we shit you not. It's that whole, pesky checks and balances bit. If Bauer won't investigate allegations of improper conduct three floors up, why should he be entrusted with the county's top law enforcement job?

UPDATE: Jim Franco's take appears sound.

Good times, good times.

*The Times Union has finally joined the fray. Franco's been on top of this story but for some reason those stories are not on-line.

**The majority of Regan's affidavit references events wholly unrelated to Mirch. How does he deny events where he's not even alleged to have been present? Neat trick.

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