The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Thursday, March 22, 2007



This is what we hear through the grapevine on the district races for Troy City Council.

District 1 - Mark Wojcik v. Marge DerGurahian - They should let DerGurahian run At-Large but that seems doubtful.

District 2- ? v. Mary Sweeney - Could be Mark McGrath but we hear there's pressure on him to run At-Large.

District 3 - Artie Fredette v. Peter Ryan - Although, there has been talk of Fredette running At-Large.

District 4 - John Fetscher v. Bill Dunne

District 5 - Bob Krogh v. John Brown or Ken Zalewski - rumor has it that Brown has already raised 6k, before he's received the nomination. There's also been talk about Brown receiving the endorsements of both Ron Canestrari and Mike McNulty. We'd check with their offices before you believe any of those rumors. We find it highly unlikely that the assemblyman or the congressman would endorse anyone at this stage of the game, not when more than one person is interested in the nomination.

District 6 - Carolin Collier v ? - No rumors have reached us yet. The Collier At-Large rumors do persist. We don't see why Carolin would run At-Large but who knows.

That's what we hear. No doubt the lineup will change twenty times in the next few weeks.

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