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Friday, October 27, 2006



The County GOP never seems to stop giving. They gave themselves pay hikes last year and now we can expect them to give us a nice tax hike. Not just a tax hike, a 25% tax hike. That's like what....adding almost a quarter to our tax burden. Thanks, small government, conservatives. Much appreciated.

This explains the tidy little sum they voted themselves last year. How can our legislators expect to pay their taxes in RensCo without a pay raise?

We'll have more on this outrage later. In the meantime, lets down some bran muffins and have a good Bob Mirch (hereinafter BM).

BM had this to say:

According to Robert Mirch, a Conservative who serves as majority leader for the Republicans, it's time for drastic changes, including the elimination of Sheriff's Department road patrols and the county Health Department, privatization of the Van Rensselaer Manor nursing home and, as a last resort, the elimination of county government altogether with the exception of the county jail."

My opinion is, county government cannot continue as we have for years and years and years," Mirch said. "The taxpayers can't take any more, they just can't."

Gee...Bob...where you been for the past thirteen years? What, waiting for a leadership position before you can get something done? Too busy with your other public payroll jobs? Too busy counting your pay hike from last year? Too busy taking over the WFP? At least you've finally admitted your failure as a legislative leader. That's the first step.

Friends and family of the county need to set up an intervention. We care about you, Rensselaer County. We hate to see you spiraling out of control.


Ugh....we almost didn't bother. She just looks and sounds so whipped lately. Yes, even the New York State Court of Appeals has called Trish's behavior "deplorable."


A sincere thank you goes out to The Record. Last Saturday, The Record ran an interview with Democratus. We'd like to thank them for that opportunity. It was a pleasure working with The Record on what might be the most significant interview of the year.

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