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Monday, October 16, 2006


Does anyone know the real story behind Dave Mitchell? What he did before becoming Troy's bestest Corporation Counsel ever?

He obviously wants people to think he lives in Troy, or at least in Rensselaer County. But where exactly does our boy reside?

Word is it's in King Street in Saratoga Springs....or McMaster Street, at number 62.

Mitchell's residency issues also explains why he would not appear to be deposed in the Carignan suit. As you all know, the second question at almost all depositions is, "where do you reside?"

Even more interesting is what little history we could piece together. Mitchell was a Village Justice in Ballston Spa but mysteriously resigned. From the Saratogian:

"Following the resignation of Village Justice David Mitchell Thursday, acting Village Judge Richard Fox will be appointed at a special board meeting this morning to fill the remaining 12 months of the term.

Records obtained by The Saratogian indicate that from April 1999 to April 2000, Fox responded to 25 calls from the Ballston Spa Police Department when Mitchell was unavailable or did not return calls to his pager.

Mitchell's surprise resignation, which came on the heels of a state comptroller's audit indicating disarray in parking bureau and village court financial records, was not disclosed to Fox before it became public."

Did the resignation have anything to do with this?

Days after appointing new village Judge Richard Fox, village officials have revamped the accounting procedures for the village court.

A state comptroller's audit report, dated April 7, found a lack of complete, reliable information both in the recording of parking tickets and in record-keeping in the court. Six days later, village Justice David Mitchell resigned from his post. Fox was selected to serve out the remaining 12 months of Mitchell's term.

And lets not forget all the other fun stuff Mitchell was up to:

Meanwhile, in a bizarre twist, village of Lake George Mayor Robert Blais revealed this week his municipality is named in a lawsuit filed by David and Joseph Mitchell. The suit seeks $50 million in lost profits allegedly occurring on the weekend of Sept. 10, 1999. According to the papers, filed Dec. 10, part of the public highway known as Canada Street was blocked to exclude the public from the Mitchell's business, Zachary's Barbeque.

There have been other incidents involving Zachary's and village of Lake George officials, Blais said. A large maple tree valued at $3,000 planted in front of the establishment was sawed through, causing permanent damage, and Blais said there have been other minor violations with the operation of the bar.

David Mitchell launched a lawsuit against Romano and the village of Ballston Spa in February claiming harassment, slander, libel and defamation, following statements made by Romano at a public meeting. That lawsuit does not list a dollar amount sought for compensatory and punitive damages.

No wonder Mitchell had to come to Harry's Home for Wayward Judges. Boy, Harry, you can really pick 'em.

Why did he resign with a full year left on his term of office? Was he really a high school wrestling star in Camden, NY? Did he get his $50,000,000 in lost profits?

So, if you know where Mitchell actually lives or how he came to be our Corporation Counsel, drop us a line. We're dying to know more about the man who is leading Troy into a new renaissance. Mitchell obviously values his privacy. We can't have that now, can we?

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