The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Not much time to write. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

20th Congressional - Update

A recent poll shows incumbent John Sweeney defeating challenger Kirsten Gillibrand 47% to 39%. That's probably the closest Gillibrand has gotten to Sweeney in the polls.

Frankly, we don't buy it. Until polls consistently show Gillibrand within striking distance of Sweeney, we still see this as a comfortable Sweeney victory.

In a way, we hope it is a Sweeney victory. Much like Albany Eye, we're waiting for Sweeney to pull a Wilbur Mills. Perhaps not in the Tidal Basin, but maybe somewhere on the banks of the Hudson with a gal from Grand Street.

No Help from Harry

A group of Hockey Dads went to the city for help. It seems that the Frear Park skating rink is falling down. The kids can't play hockey there and they couldn't get ice time anywhere else in Troy. The closest place was Bethlehem.

The group met with our mayor who basically said he hopes the place falls down. The fathers are now chipping in to try and fix the place up.

You know, if it were the Burgh, Harry's attitude would have been different. He loves to kiss Burgher ass. We'll try and get the details.

This raises an issue that has always bothered us. Citizens banding together to use their time and money to fix parks and other municipal properties. We have nothing against the people willing to do this type of thing. It's selfless and demonstrates a hell of a community spirit. Point is, it's not their responsibility. We pay taxes for just that reason.

Clean Streets?

Does this canard still play? Take a drive through the city. Weeds, potholes, garbage. It looks like Troy in the pre-Pattison days. The Republicans and their allies in the press have repeated this lie for so long everyone repeats it without actually looking around. Talking points are great as long as you close your eyes.

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