The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Thursday, September 21, 2006



Workers from the Department of Code Enforcement have removed the Marquee from Troy City Hall and the doors of the well-known adult entertainment landmark have also been padlocked....
Chuck Drozd, City Auditor, resigned yesterday. Drozd allegedly peeked at some porn while at work. Another city employee, from the Engineering Department, is on unpaid suspension (we could not confirm from where he was being suspended but it's probably from a relatively high elevation) for similar allegations and for lying about his place of residence on a job application.

Lying about where he lives? Was Spargo sent to deliver the bad news? Right, Spargo doesn't lie about where he lives he just violates the law. Now, rumor has it that if asked, they'll say Spargo is a paid consultant, not an employee, and therefore, he doesn't have to reside in Troy. If that's the case, they are still violating the law because Spargo has not been approved by the City Council.

So, did Drozd get into hot water because he a) allegedly looked at porn; b) used city property for non-city business or c) a combination of both?

I think we've learned some valuable lessons today:

1) You can violate the law, just don't lie about it.

2) You can be a disgraced shake-down artist and get a job but you can't look at hoo-hoo's or pee-pee's;

3) There are public jobs that pay 50k + and still allow time for internet surfing.

Drozd made his own bed and now must live with the consequences. Viewing porn at work is improper. Viewing such material should be done in the sanctity of the home. It still doesn't explain why Drozd got the 'dog-and-pony show' treatment from the administration. Why did they call channel 10?

Just when City Hall was getting fun it's back to playing Tetrus.


In less exciting news, though obscene in its own way, the County Democrats will meet Sunday to decide who will lead them to defeat in the next election.

Rumor has it that Tom Wade has enough votes to defeat Lynn Mahoney. John Darling has also been talked about as a potential Dark Horse. It is not known if Darling has actually been approached or would even want the job.

There is also a possibility that the Democrats will choose a wholly new form of Chairmanship with each election district having it's own multiple-mini-chairpersonships.

Finally, it looks like Frank LaPosta will be City Chair. We can only hope he brings the same dynamic energy and enthusiasm to the City Committee that he brought to his mayoral campaign.

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